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Symposium on

Nanotechnology and Society

Symposium Sponsor:  GE
CBEN Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology
Symposium Chair:  Don Reed, Ecos Corporation

Symposium Program


Wednesday May 11

10:30 Nanotechnology and Society - Sponsored by CBENSalon C-D
 Session chair: Don Reed, Ecos Corporation
10:30 Environmental Remediation using Nanomaterials
M. Wong, Rice University & CBEN, US
11:00 An Overview on Nanotechnology Toxicology
V. Colvin, Rice University & CBEN & ICON, US
11:30 Standards: The Need and Current Process
C. Teague, NNCO, US
1:30 Nanotechnology and Society - Sponsored by CBENSalon C-D
 Session chair: Don Reed, Ecos Corporation
- Nanotechnology and the Environmental: Will Emerging Environmental Regulatory Programs Stifle the Promise?
M.C. Kalpin and M.A. Hoffer, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP, US
- See-through Science
J. Stilgoe, Demos, UK
2:00 Regulatory Programs for NanotechnologySalon C-D
 Session chair: Kristen Kulinowski, Rice University, CBEN & ICON
- M. Woebkenberg, NIOSH, US
- M.C. Kalpin and M.A. Hoffer, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP, US
- H. Shindo, NEDO, JP
3:30 Lessons from Ag Biotech Applied to NanotechSalon C-D
 Session chair: Don Reed, Ecos Corporation
- J. Moore, Woodrow Wilson International Center, US
- S. Walsh, Environmental Defense, US


Consistent with the scientific origins of the conference, the goals are to:

  • Establish a strong base of understanding about the best thinking on the safety, health, environmental and social implications of nanotech;
  • Engage the mainstream science and business community on the full range of topics associated with these issues;
  • Communicate the degree to which the scientific community takes these issues seriously and is dealing with them methodically; and,
  • Become a key gathering place for the community of people and institutions interested in the safety, environmental and social implications of nanotechnology.

Who Should Attend

Members of industry, government, academic, civil society and the scientific community.

Topics and Application Areas

  • Toxicology research (paired with sessions on drug delivery & other biomedical applications);
  • Uses of nanotech to improve the environment and society;
  • Discussion of ethical considerations; and,
  • Description of efforts to involve multiple stakeholders and the general public in science policy overall and in nanotech.
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