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Nanotech 2003, the nanotechnology conference and trade show
2003 Biotechnology Conference
in collaboration with
2003 Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show
February 23-27, 2003
Grand Hyatt San Francisco , California, U.S.A.
Conference Technical Program

Topics and Application Areas

The major areas of activity in the development of biotechnology solicited and expected at this conference include but are not limited to:

  • Drug Design and Molecular Medicine
  • Proteomics and Protein Engineering
  • Ion Channels
  • Biomimetic Membranes
  • Computational Biology
  • Lab-On-Chips
  • National Security
  • Viral Engineering
  • Target-Driven Chemistry

A technical digest and CD ROM, consisting of articles submitted by authors of both oral and poster papers will be distributed to participants at registration.

Biotechnology Chair

Robert S. Eisenberg, Rush Medical Center, Chicago, USA
Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Biotechnology Committee

Dirk Bussiere, Chiron Corporation, USA
Amos Bairoch, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, CH
Stephen H. Bryant, National Institute of Health, USA
Fred Cohen, University of California, San Francisco, USA
Daniel Davison, Bristol Myers Squibb, USA
Robert S. Eisenberg, Rush Medical Center, Chicago, USA
Andreas Hieke, Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc., USA
Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology
Sorin Istrail, Celera Genomics
Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Brian Korgel, University of Texas-Austin, USA
Kurt Krause, University of Houston
Daniel Lacks, Tulane University
Mike Masquelier, Motorola, Los Alamos NM, USA
Atul Parikh, University of California, Davis, USA
Andrzej Przekwas, CFD Research Corporation, USA
George Robillard, BioMade Corporation, Netherlands
Tom Terwilliger, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Michael S. Waterman, University of Southern California

Technical Program Chairs

Matthew Laudon, NSTI-ACRS
Bart Romanowicz, CFDRC

Biotechnology Highlights

Keynote Presentations

  • Phaedon Avouris
    IBM Research Division
    Title to be Announced
  • David Awschalom
    UC Santa Barbara
    Manipulating Quantum Information with Semiconductor Spintronics
  • Christian Joachim
    Molecular Wires and Logic Circuit Integration in a Single Molecule
  • Albert P. Pisano
    University of California at Berkeley
    The MEMS-Nano Connections: Accessing Nanotechnology through Microtechnology
  • George Robillard
    Founder and Director of BioMade Corporation, Groningen, Netherlands
    NanoTech Devices: Towards Protein Control of Surface Activity and Permeability
  • Sandeep Malhotra
    Vice President of Nanotechnology, Ardesta
    Joseph Schumpeter ... Meet Dr. Feynman
  • Eiichi Maruyama
    RIKEN Frontier Research System, Japan
    Title to be announced
  • Robert Rudd
    Lawrence, Livermore National Laboratory
    Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics for Nano-Design

Special Sessions

  • Computational Cell Biology
    Andrzej Przekwas
    CFD Research Corporation
  • Biological Cells are spatially organized into membranes, organelles, and cytoskeleton. Cellular physiological function is determined by myriad of biochemical reactions and biophysical processes coordinated in time and space by cellular control mechanisms. Historically cellular biology was mainly an empirical science and compact mathematical modeling theories were rare. Recent progress in computational biophysics and biochemistry as well as wealth of empirical bioinformatics data opened new opportunities in cellular biology. We believe that computational cell biology (CCB) will become the next "killer application" in the scientific computing arena. Read more.

  • Modeling of Micro and Nano Fluidic Systems
    Narayan Aluru, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    Steffen Hardt, Institute of Microtechnology, Mainz, Germany
  • DNA- and Protein-Chip© design and modeling
    Andreas Hieke, Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc.
  • Converging Technologies at the Nanoscale to Improve Human Performance
    Mihail Roco, National Science Foundation
  • Biomimetics: Emulating Biological Principles of Organization and Function at the Nanoscale
    Atul Parikh, UC-Davis
  • Lab on a Chip; Fluidics to Proteomics
    Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Lab
  • Drug Design and Molecular Medicine
    Kurt Krause, University of Houston
  • Nanoscale Bio-Molecular Analysis and Characterization
    Jose Olivares, Los Alamos National Lab
  • Nanostructures; Biological Ion Channels to Thin Oxides
    Bob Eisenberg, Rush Medical Center
  • The PEM Fuel Cell: Materials and Device Modeling
    Stephen J. Paddison
    Los Alamos National Laboratory

Panel Sessions

  • Micro and Nano CAD Tool Panel
    Jacob White
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Opportunities in the Integration of Micro, Nano and Bio Technologies
    Venture Capital Panel

Short Courses

  • Fundamentals and Applications of Micro/Nanofluidics
    Steve Wereley
    Purdue University
  • Molecular Modeling for Nanotechnology
    Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood

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