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Nanotech 2014 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2014 Vol. 2
Nanotechnology 2014: MEMS, Fluidics, Bio Systems, Medical, Computational & Photonics

Chapter 8:

WCM - Compact Modeling

-Drain Current Model for Thin Body Undoped and Lightly Doped Double-Gate MOSFETs
 H. Abd Elhamid, B. Ineguez, Y. Ismail, MJ. Deen
 Zewail City of Science and Technology, EG
-Effects of sub-threshold operation on 32 nm technology node PMOSFETs evaluated from the perspective of two-stage NBTI model
 H. Hussin, N. Soin, M.F. Bukhori
 Universiti Teknologi MARA, MY
-Investigation on Impact of Different Defects based on Different Trap Energy Level in the Framework of Two-Stage NBTI model
 H. Hussin, N. Soin, M.F. Bukhori
 Universiti Teknologi MARA, MY
-Modeling of Short-Channel Effect for Ultra-Thin SOI MOSFET on Ultra-Thin BOX
 H. Miyamoto, Y. Fukunaga, H. Zenitani, K. Kikuchihara, H.J. Mattausch, M. Miura-Mattausch
 Hiroshima University, JP
-InGaAs FinFET Modeling Using Industry Standard Compact Model BSIM-CMG
 S. Khandelwal, J.P. Duarte, N. Paydavosi, Y.S. Chauhan, J.J. Gu, M. Si, P.D. Ye, C. Hu
 University of California, Berkeley, US
-NQS Modeling of independent DG MOSFET using RTA Approach
 N. Sharan, S. Mahapatra
 Indian Institute of Science, IN
-A Physics Based Potential Model for Cylindrical Surrounding Gate MOSFETs with SiO2- Core Si-Shell Structure
 X. Zhang, J. He, M. Chan, C. Du, Y. Ye, W. Zhao, W. Wu, W. Wang
 PKU-HKUST ShenZhen-HongKong Institution, CN
-Analytic Compact Model of Ballistic and Quasi-ballistic Cylindrical Gate-All-Around MOSFET Incorporating Drain-Induced Barrier Lowering Effect
 H. Cheng, S. Uno, K. Nakazato
 graduate school of engineering, Nagoya University, JP
-An Analytic Potential Based Model for Gate-All-Around Nanowire Tunnel-FETs
 Y. Liu, J. He, M. Chan
 Peking University Shenzhen SOC Key Laboratory, CN
-Compact Model Characteristics for Generic MIS-HEMTs
 X. Zhou, S.B. Chiah, B. Syamal, H.T. Zhou, A. Ajaykumar, X. Liu
 Nanyang Technological University, SG
-Analysis of Breakdown Characteristics in Gate and Source Field-Plate AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
 H. Onodera, H. Hanawa, K. Horio
 Shibaura Institute of Technology, JP
-RF-noise modeling in MOSFETs: excess noise, symmetry, and causality
 G.D.J. Smit, A.J. Scholten, R.M.T. Pijper, L.F. Tiemeijer, R. van der Toorn, D.B.M. Klaassen, P. Scheer, A. Juge
 NXP Semiconductors, NL
-Passive Elements Modeling in Microwave/Millimeter-wave application
 Y. Wang, J. Yao, J. Luo, Y. Tang
 Tsinghua University, CN
-Trap-induced apparent linearity of CNTFETs (invited)
 M. Haferlach, M. Claus, M. Schröter
 TU Dresden, DE
-Compact Negative Bias Temperature Instability Model for Nanoscale FinFET Reliability Simulation
 C. Zhang, W. Wang, Y. Liu, Y. Ye, W. Zhao, J. He, W. Wu
 Peking University Shenzhen SOC Key Laboratory, CN
-Simulation Study on Dopant Fluctuation Impact on SRG MOSFET Device and Circuit Performane
 H. Wang, J. He, Y. Liu
 Peking University Shenzhen SOC Key Laboratory, CN
-Silicon Nanowire Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor NBTI Effect Modeling and Application in Circuit Performance Simulation
 C. Ma, J. He, M. Chan, C. Du, Q. He, Y. Ye, W. Zhao, W. Wu, X. Zhang, W. Wang
 PKU-HKUST ShenZhen-HongKong Institution, CN
-A Threshold Voltage Modeling for a Spacer Trapping Memory Cell Using Verilog-A
 H. Shrimali, V. Liberali
 Università degli Studi di Milano, IT
-Developing a Common Compact Modeling Platform for Model Developers and Users
 L. Zhang, M. Chan
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