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Nanotech 2014 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2014 Vol. 2
Nanotechnology 2014: MEMS, Fluidics, Bio Systems, Medical, Computational & Photonics

Chapter 2:

Inkjets, Micro & Nano Fluidics

-Introducing a Digital Micropump for Driving a Droplet in a Microfluidic Channel
 H. Rezaei Nejad
 University of British Columbia, CA
-A novel Planetary Motion of Ferrofluid Drops in a Rotating Magnetic Field
 C-Y Chen
 National Chiao Tung University, TW
-On the velocity of spontaneous capillary flows in confined and open microchannels
 J. Berthier, N. Villard, C. Pudda, F. Boizot, G. Nonglaton, G. Costa, C. Fontelaye, G. Delapierre
 CEA-Leti, FR
-Cell Detection and Discrimination by a Microfluidic-Integrated Broadband Microchamber
 A. Denzi, F. Apollonio, M. Liberti, M. Caterina, Y. Ning, C. Multari, C. Palego, X. Cheng, J.C.M. Hwang
 Lehigh University, US
-Field-directed and Template-assisted Magnetic Nanoparticle Self-assembly
 X. Xue, E.P. Furlani
 SUNY at Buffalo, US
-Numerical Analysis of Coupled Particle-Fluid Transport and Free-Flow Magnetic Sorting in Microfluidic Systems
 C. Liu, X. Xue, E.P. Furlani
 University at Buffalo, US
-Open-Surface Microfluidics
 J. Berthier, K.A. Brakke, E.P. Furlani, I.H. Karampelas, G. Delapierre
 CEA-Leti, FR
-Droplet Dispensing from Open to Close Digital Microfluidics
 H. Rezaei Nejad
 University of British Columbia, CA
-On-line production of polyelectrolyte coating on monodisperse alginate beads in an integrated microfluidic cartridge
 G. Laffite, E. Forvi, C. Hadji, C. Authesserre, M. Alessio, G. Costa, F. Boizot, A. Bellemin-Comte, F. Rivera
-Electrowetting on screen printed paper based substrate
 M. Yafia, H. Najjaran
 University of British Columbia, CA
-Droplet actuation on a digital microfluidic chip using a 5 volt battery
 H. Rezaei Nejad
 University of British Columbia, CA
-Analysis of Stem Cell Culture Performance in a Microcarrier Bioreactor System
 K. Ponnuru, J. Wu, P. Ashok, E.S. Tzanakakis, E.P. Furlani
 SUNY Buffalo, US
-Modeling of liquid pumping via microchannels
 B. Berdenova, A. Ainabayev, Z. Insepov, A. Hassanein, V. Bralts, Z. Insepov
 Purdue University, US
-Pore wall charge patterning and spatial profiles of electrical conductivity in short nanopores
 M. Tajparast, M.I. Glavinovic
 McGill University, CA
-A Simple and Robust Fabrication of Microwell Array by Pdms on a Glass Substrate for Cell-To-Cell Adhesion
 H. Lee, S. Row, L. Xu, S.T. Andreadis, K.W. Oh
 SUNY at Buffalo, US
-Simulation of desolvated self-assembly in a picoliter drop of colloidal solution by dissipative particle dynamics
 P. Lebedev-Stepanov
 Photochemistry Center, RU
-Reliability Evaluation of Inkjet-Printed Silver Patterns for Application to Printed Circuit Board
 K.-Y. Shin, H.S. Kang, K.T. Kang, J.Y. Hwang, S.H. Lee, J.M. Kim
 Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, KR
-Superhydrophobic 3D Printed Surfaces by Dip-Coating
 A. Milionis, E. Loth, I.S. Bayer
 University of Virginia, US
-Fabrication of Active Digital Microfluidic Paper Chips with Inkjet-printed Patterned Electrodes and their Point-of Care Biomedical Application
 H. Ko, J. Lee, Y. Kim, Y. Kee, K. Kim, C-H Jung, J-H Choi, O-S Kwon, K. Shin
 Sogang University, KR
-Fishbone Pattern Phenomena on a Non-Conductive Substrate in Electrohydrodynamic Discharging
 S. Son, S. Lee, J. Choi, S. Haque
 Sungkyunkwan University, KR
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