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Nanotech 2014 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2014 Vol. 2
Nanotechnology 2014: MEMS, Fluidics, Bio Systems, Medical, Computational & Photonics

Chapter 1:

MEMS & NEMS Devices & Applications

-Aerospace Applications for Surface Acoustic Wave Devices
 W. Wilson
 NASA Langley Research Center, US
-Precision Micro-Optical Elements for Manufacturing of Gas Sensors using IR-Absorption
 H.-J. Quenzer, J. Janes, V. Stenchly, S. Schwarzelbach, B. Wagner, R. Dudde
 Fraunhofer Inst. Silicon Technology, DE
-AFM/SNOM Cantilever Probe Serial Fabrication Process with Controlled Tip Nanoaperture
 A. Tsigara, B. Belier, F. Maillard, P. Falgayrettes, E. Nativel, R. Kribich, P. Gall-Borrut
 Universite Paris Sud, FR
-Hermetic room temperature glass welding technology
 H. Lunden, T. Kumpulainen, A. Määttänen, J. Vihinen
 Primoceler Ltd, FI
-Virtual pivot point MEMS rotary comb actuator with externally mounted mirror for optical applications
 T.M.F. Amin, M.Q. Huda, J. Tulip, W. Jäger
 University of Alberta, CA
-Near-Infrared Laser Actuated Cantilevers with Wavelength-Dependent Response
 T.M. Lucas, K.T. James, J. Beharic, E.V. Moiseeva, R.S. Keynton, M.G. O’Toole, C.K. Harnett
 University of Louisville, US
-Design and Characterization of a MEMS Thermal Actuator and a Locking Switch for Telecommunication Applications
 D. Dellaert, J. Doutreloigne
 Ghent University, BE
-Nanotechnology-Enabled Microthrusters:Nanoenergetic Materials and MEMS Paradigm
 I. Puchades, M. Hobosyan, L.F. Fuller, F. Liu, S. Thakur, K.S. Martirosyan, S.E. Lyshevski
 Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-Charge Pumping for High-force, Large-displacement MEMS
 IR. Harvey, B. Baker, A. Hogan, K. Ford
 University of Utah Nanofab, US
-CMOS-Compatible Thermally Actuated MEMS Viscosity Sensor with Aluminum on Silicon Membrane
 I. Puchades, L.F. Fuller, S.E. Lyshevski
 Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-Optimization of a Poly-SiGe MEMS Xylophone Bar Magnetometer based on its equivalent circuit
 V. Rochus, M. Farghaly, X. Rottenberg, H.A.C. Tilmans
 imec, BE
-Strain gradients in poly-SiGe nanocantilevers: experimental and finite element modeling studies
 T.B. Asafa
 Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, NG
-Flexible Microsensor for Shape Detection
 J. Beharic, T.M. Lucas, Y.M. Senousy, C.K. Harnett
 University of Louisville, US
-Local Synthesis of CuO Nanowires on CMOS Microhotplates for Gas Sensing Applications
 S. Steinhauer, T. Maier, G.C. Mutinati, K. Rohracher, J. Siegert, F. Schrank, A. Koeck
 Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH, AT
-The use of interdigitated microelectrode structures for the detection of exposure to simulated airborne environmental dust
 R.L. Townsend, S.A. Rocks, R.A. Dorey, S. Tearle
 University of Surrey, UK
-Nanomagnet Logic - From Concept to Prototype
 G.H. Bernstein, K. Butler, P. Li, F. Shah, M. Siddiq, G. Csaba, X.S. Hu, M. Niemier, W. Porod
 University of Notre Dame, US
-Analysis and Simulation of Rare Cell Detection and Size Based Profiling Using Coupled Micro-Hall Detectors
 R.W.R.L. Gajasinghe, A. Gabriel, O. Tigli
 University of Miami, US
-Modeling and Simulation of PVDF-TrFE Based MEMS Scale Cantilever Type Energy Harvesters
 A. Toprak, O. Tigli
 University of Miami, US
-A Computational Study on Detection of Ultra Small Volumes of Liquid and Solid Media in Microcavities Using Surface Acoustic Wave Devices
 S.U. Senveli, O. Tigli
 University of Miami, US
-Simple and Accurate Formula for the Electrostatically Actuated Curled Beam Problem
 M. Younis
 SUNY Binghamton, US
-Transmit and Receive of a cMUT Cell: Modeling and Experiments
 S.P. Mao, X. Rottenberg, V. Rochus, P. Helin, A. Verbist, S. Severi, B. Nauwelaers, H.A.C. Tilmans
-TCAD Thermal Analysis of Gate Workfunction Engineered Recessed Channel MOSFET
 G. Arora, M. Monika, R. Chaujar
 Delhi Technological University, IN
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