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Nanotech 2012 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2012 Vol. 3
Nanotechnology 2012: Bio Sensors, Instruments, Medical, Environment and Energy (Volume 3)

Chapter 9:

Efficiency, Green Building & Water Technologies

-Passive solar design features for a zero energy home in Babylon, Iraq
 A. Al-Qaraguli, H. Alguriny, O. Chong, D. Gibbs, L. Coplen
 McKissack, US
-Passive and active Solar Systems for High Schools in Babylon- Iraq: Design and Economic Study
 A. Al-Qaragouli, H. Alguriny, O. Ching, R. Gibbs, L. Coplen
 McKissack, US
-Acoustic Power Recovery System for Thermoacoustic Cooling
 D.E. Schwartz, S.R. Garner, J.R. Johnson, A.V. Tuganov
 Palo Alto Research Center, US
-Technologies for Deep Reductions in Military Operational Energy Use
 R. Brown, T. Sharp, M. Lindsey, S. Kiser, K. Andrews
 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
-Performance and Potential Applications of Direct Expansion Ground Source Heat Pump systems for Building Energy
 A.M. Omer
 University of Nottingham, UK
-Sodium Clusters for a Superior Light Source
 H. Gokturk
 Ecoken, US
-Structural and Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of Calcium and Barium Alginate Films
 T.K. Vidal-Urquiza, O. Perales-PĂ©rez
 University of Puerto Rico, PR
-Sulfated chitosan (SCS)/polysulfone (PS) composite nanofiltration membrane surface cross-linked by Epichlorohydrin
 J. Miao, Z.H. Xie, G.H. Chen
 Edith Cowan University, AU
-Advanced RO Membrane Technology Based on Scientific Research for Seawater and Brackish water Desalination
 M. Kimura, T. Sasaki, M. Henmi
 Toray Industries,Inc., JP
-CNT-polyamide nanocomposite membranes for gas and water separations
 E. Marand, A. Surapathi, W.F. Chan, H. Chen, D. Chen, X. Shao, J.K. Johnson
 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, US
-Enhanced RO Performance of Polyamide Bi-layer Membranes Prepared by Sequential Interfacial Polymerization
 Y.-H. Na, J. Diep, B. Davis, A. Vora, G. Dubois, R. Al-Rasheed, M. Nassar, G. Geise, B. Freeman
 IBM Almaden Research Center, US
-Computer modeling of water and salt transport in RO membrane active layers
 J.W. Pitera, Y-H Na, A. Vora, G. Dubois
 IBM Research, US
-Preparation and characterization of polyaniline nanofiber and nanocomposites and their applications in removal of Cr(VI) and phosphate
 T.S. Najim
 Mustansiriya University, IQ
-Dairy CAFO Wastewater, Water Harvesting and Ammonia Fuel Cells
 C. Collins, S. Hughes, G. Jackson
 Spiralcat of Maryland, US
-Testing a Geochemical Tool to Enhance Our Ability to Ensure Water Security
 A.T. Slade, B.P. Whitehead
 The University of Auckland, NZ
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