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Nanotech 2012 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2012 Vol. 3
Nanotechnology 2012: Bio Sensors, Instruments, Medical, Environment and Energy (Volume 3)

Chapter 3:

Materials for Drug & Gene Delivery

-Electrically-Controlled Drug Release System to Assist Wound Healing
 S. Zhu, J. Mbugua, M. Chase, J. Maskrod, J.H. Jung, T. Nicholson III, E. Fabrizio, R. Mercado
 Crosslink, US
-Triple protection delivery system for retinaldehyde: Preparation, skin penetration and controlled release at the hair follicles.
 P. Supmuang, S. Wanichwecharungruang
 Chulalongkorn University, TH
-Drug Delivery with Light-Activated Gold-Coated Liposomes
 G.V. Orsinger, S.J. Leung, S.S. Knights, J.D. Williams, M. Romanowski
 University of Arizona, US
-A Novel Single Step Method of Synthesizing Large Unilamellar Liposomes for Biomedical Applications
 S.M. Phapal, P. Sunthar
 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, IN
-Dual Modal Gene Expression and Silencing Using Viral/Nonviral Chimeric Nanoparticles for Synergistic Gene Therapy
 S.K. Cho, T. Luu, S. Wong, Y.J. Kwon
 UC Irvine, US
-Surface Functionalized Multicomponent Envelope Type Nanosystems for Improved Gene Delivery
 D. Pozzi, V. Orlando, G. Augusti Tocco, S. Biagioni, F. Cardarelli, A. Bifone, G. Caraccioloa
 Sapienza University of Rome, IT
-Controlled- Release Antibiotic Nanoparticles for Cranial Transplantation and Bone Grafting
 A.N. Adusumilli, S. Dammalapati, P.K.-L. Fu
 Governors State University, US
-Sequential Surface Functionalization by Polyoxometalates and Lysine Renders Non-toxic Gold Nanoparticles Strong Antibacterial Agents
 H.K. Daima, P.R. Selvakannan, S.K. Bhargava, V. Bansal
 RMIT University, AU
-Development of PHEMA-Chitosan nanospheres and encapsulation of RSV-F DNA vaccine
 E. Eroglu, A.B. Waffo, V.A. Dennis, S.R. Singh
 Alabama State University, US
-Surfactant Effect on Intercellular Transport of DNA, Proteins, and Electrolytes
 D. Assan, X. Gao, J.C.K. Lai, S.W. Leung
 Idaho State U, US
-Electrospun Nanofibrous Scaffold for Controll Drug Delivery
 V. Leung, R. Hartwell, E. Faure, H. Yang, A. Ghahary, F. Ko
 University of British Columbia, CA
-Designing Responsive Materials with Chemically Amplified Sensitivity to NIR light
 N. Fomina, C. McFearin, M. Sermsakdi, J. Morachis, A. Almutairi
 University of California at San Diego, US
-Nanostructured cellulose materials: adsorption of antibiotics onto cellulose fibers functionalized with glycidylmethacrylate for the manufacturing of antibacterial fabrics
 E. Vismara, G. Torri, A. Valerio, G. Graziani, A. Montanelli, L. Melone
 Politecnico di Milano, IT
-Self Assembled Nanostructures of Triblock Co-polymer and Plasmid DNA for Gene Delivery
 H.K. Daima, S. Shankar P.R. Selvakannan, S.K. Bhargava, V. Bansal
 RMIT University, AU
-Supramolecular assemblies of cisplatin and polyelectrolytes: preparation, characterization and activity against cancer cells
 D.B. Vieira, V. Kim, D.F.S. Petri, C.F.M. Menck, A.M. Carmona-Ribeiro
 Universidade de São Paulo, BR
-Orally Delivered Polymeric nanoparticles of Lopinavir: Development and Statistical optimization, in vitro and ex vivo studies
 G. Joshi, K.K. Sawant
 M S University of Baroda, IN
-In vitro anticancer activity of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) nanoparticles loaded with antitumor drug Paclitaxel
 S.G. Yakovlev, A.P. Bonartsev, D.V. Bagrov, Yu.M. Efremov, A.P. Boskhomdzhiev, E.V. Filatova, P.V. Ivanov, T.K. Makhina, G.A. Bonartseva
 A.N.Bach’s Institute of Biochemistry Russian Academy of Sciences, RU
-Encapsulation and Characterization of BSA in PLA-PEG Nanoparticles as a Model for Chlamydia trachomatis rMOMP-278 Protein Nanovaccine Delivery System
 M. Taha, S.R. Singh, C. Moore, R. Agee, V.A. Dennis
 Alabama State University, US
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