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Nanotech 2012 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2012 Vol. 2
Nanotechnology 2012: Electronics, Devices, Fabrication, MEMS, Fluidics and Computational (Volume 2)

Chapter 5:

Micro & Nano Fluidics

-New microfluidic chip for the production of spherical gelled capsule for cell encapsulation
 P. Dalle, S. Morales, J. Berthier, P-Y. Benhamou, A. Bellemin Comte, F. Boizot, G. Costa, F. Rivera
-Conductive Polymer Microelectrodes for on-chip measurement of transmitter release from living cells
 S. Tylsgaard Larsen, M. Matteucci, R. Taboryski
 Technical University of Denmark, DK
-Microfluidic Control of Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Growth and Positioning
 N. Wadhawan, H. Kalkat, X. Ma, S. Gajjeraman, S. Nandagopal, N. Hao, J. Deng, B. Xiang, M. Zhang, G. Tian, F. Lin
 University of Manitoba, CA
-Microfluidic manipulation of Caenorhabditis elegans using acoustic radiation forces
 G. Yu, X. Chen, J. Xu
 Washington State University, US
-Hydrophobic silicone elastomer chamber for recording trajectories of motile sperms without adsorption
 K. Matsuura, H. Funahashi
 Okayama University, JP
-Instability and Dynamics of EHD Flow with Unipolar and Bipolar Charge Injection in an Annulus
 D.V. Fernandes, Y.K. Suh
 Dong-A University, KR
-Generation of monodisperse microemulsions in the colloidal range and stabilized monodisperse microbubbles with diameters of $5$ microns using two different types of micro fluidic devices
 J.M. Gordillo, E. Castro-Hernandez, W. van Hoeve, F. Campo-Cortes, D. Lohse
 Universidad de Sevilla, ES
-Electrothermal blinking vortices for chaotic mixing
 P. Kauffmann, S. Loire, I. Mezic
-Spatial profiles of electrical conductivity, fluid admittance and water flow in a charged nanopore
 G. Virdi, M.I. Glavinovic
 McGill University, CA
-Numerical modeling of squeeze-film damping in micro-mirrors including rarefaction effects
 S. Nigro, L. Pagnotta, M.-F. Pantano
 Università della Calabria, IT
-Modeling Fluid Structure-Interactions for Biomechanic Analysis of the Human Eye
 E.P. Furlani, A. Nunez, G. Vizzeri
 University at Buffalo SUNY, US
-Atomistic Simulations of Biomolecules at the Water‐Amorphous Silica Interface: Application to Peptides and DNA Oligomers
 B. Shi , Y.K. Shin, A. Hassanali, S.J. Singer
 Ohio State University, US
-Study on the Heat Transfer Capability of Silicon Carbide - Ethylene Glycol Nanofluid
 S. Bobbo, L. Colla, M. Scattolini, L. Fedele
 Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, IT
-Heat transfer behaviour of Nanofluids
 A.K. Nayak, P.P. Kulkarni, R.K. Singh, P.K. Vijayan
 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, IN
-Critical heat flux (CHF) enhancement of the nanofluids by the electrical explosion of a wire in liquids
 E. Park, I. Bang, H. Park
 Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST), KR
-Motion of Magnetic Chains in a Vibrating Field
 Y-H Li, S-T Sheu, J-M Pai, C-Y Chen
 National Chiao Tung University, TW
-Numerical Study on a passive micromixer with sinusoidal channel walls
 A. Afzal, K.-Y. Kim
 Inha University, KR
-Free-Surface Microfluidics: Exploring New Actuation and Sensing Methods
 G. Yu, N. Lei, X. Chen, W. Xue, J. Xu
 Washington State University, US
-Polymer microfluidic chip with embedded CNTs for DNA sample preparation
 P. Khuntontong, J.X. Chan, M. Gong, Z.P. Wang
 Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, SG
-Effects of Solvents on Dissolution of Photoresist in Parylene Microchannels
 H. Ceylan Koydemir, H. Kulah, C. Ozgen, I. Tosun
 Middle East Technical University, TR
-All-In-Polymer Injection Molded Device for Single Cell Capture Using Multilevel Silicon Master Fabrication
 S. Tanzi, S.T. Larsen, M. Matteucci, R. Taboryski
 Technical University of Denmark, DTU Nanotech, DK
-Uncoil long DNA molecules in nanoposts array
 J. Wu, G. Shao, J. Choi, F.I. Uba, S.A. Soper, S. Park
 Louisiana State Univ., US
-Single-cell manipulation using Nanopipettes
 M.M. Maalouf, M. Jain, P. Actis, N. Pourmand
 University of California, Santa Cruz, US
-A Novel Compact Lab-on-a-Chip Nanosensor for In-Channel Liquid Viscosity Detection
 J. Zhao, J. Xu, W. Xue
 Washington State University Vancouver, US
-Scalable gas phase nanoparticle treatment methods required for large-scale nanofluid and nanocomposite synthesis
 C.A.D. Dion, J.R. Tavares
 Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, CA
-Capture of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) using a novel micro-device
 S. Ranjan, Z. Yong
 National University of singapore, SG
-Fabrication of microfluidic system for micro direct alcohol fuel cell: deep X-ray lithography of three-dimensional microstructures on a stainless steel
 C. Yunphuttha, R. Pattanakul, S. Porntheeraphat, A. Wongchaisuwat, P. Viravathana
 Kasetsart University, TH
-SUEX for High Aspect Ratio Micro-Nanofluidic Applications
 D. Johnson, J. Goettert, V. Singh, D. Yemane
 DJ DevCorp, US
-Modeling Particle-Fluid Coupling and its Impact on Magnetic Particle Transport in Microfluidic Systems
 S.A. Khashan, E.P. Furlani
 University at Buffalo SUNY, US
-Nanoparticle transport models in confined fluids
 T.S. Mahadevan, M. Kojic, M. Milosevic, V. Isailovic, N. Filipovic, M. Ferrari, A. Ziemys
 The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, US
-Micro-particle Electrical Conduction through Human Blood
 S. Abdalla, A.A. Al-Ghamdi, F. Marzouki
 King Abdulaziz University Jeddah, SA
-Dynamics of Magnetic Nanofluids with Frozen-in Magnetization
 V.V. Sokolov
 Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science, RU
-Comparison and Critical Analysis of Experimental Results and Correlations for Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids
 E.P. Bandarra Filho, G.A. Oliveira, D. Wen
 Federal University of Uberlandia, BR
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