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Nanotech 2012 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2012 Vol. 2
Nanotechnology 2012: Electronics, Devices, Fabrication, MEMS, Fluidics and Computational (Volume 2)

Chapter 2:

Packaging, Compound Semiconductors, Power Electronics

-Off-Chip Printed Interconnects for Ultrathin Flexible Products
 H. Alemohammad, A. Zadeh, J. Sheats, E. Toyserkani
 University of Waterloo, CA
-nanoCopper based solder-free electronic assembly material
 A. Zinn, R. Stoltenberg
 Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Adv. Technol. Center, US
-A Novel Method to Maintain Alignment Accuracy in Bonding Process Utilizing Resin as an Adhesive Material
 S.-S. Lee, M. Kondo, R. Ishibashi, K. Kinoshita, S. Kishida
 Tottori University, JP
-Topology Optimization of Ultrasonic Transducers for Microsystem and IC Packaging
 J.S. Kim, J.M. Kim, S.I. Lee, E.J. Lim
 University of Seoul, KR
-Low frequencies anomalies in GaAs FETs
 M.A. Iqbal
 University of the Punjab, PK
-High performance ZnO-based thin film transistor with high-κ gate dielectrics fabricated at low temperature
 D.D. Han, J. Cai, W. Wang, L.L. Wang, Y.C. Ren, S.J. Li, Y. Wang, S.D. Zhang
 Peking University, CN
-Interfacial Studies of CrSi2/ HfO2 thin films as High k Metal Gate Dielectric layer on SiC devices
 S. Hullavarad, N. Hullavarad
 University of Alaska Fairbanks, US
-Voltage Control Of A 3-Ø Self – Excited Induction Generators Using TSC (Thyristor Switched Capacitance)
 A. Kumar, A. Chaubey
 Infosys Limited, IN
-Improved Commutation Control in Switching Regulators for Battery Equalizer Applications
 V. Mihov, E. Dinkov
 Technical University of Sofia, Branch Plovdiv, BG
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