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Nanotech 2011 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2011 Vol. 3
Nanotechnology 2011: Bio Sensors, Instruments, Medical, Environment and Energy

Chapter 3:

Bio Nano Materials

-Responsive Materials
 C. Lo Presti
 Merck Serono, IT
-A Helical Peptide can Mediate Electron over 120 Å by Hopping Mechanism
 Y. Arikuma, H. Nakayama, T. Morita, S. Kimura
 Kyoto University, JP
-Colloido-Polymersomes: Capsules consisting of a composite layer of particles and polymer
 H.C. Shum
 University of Hong Kong, HK
-Attenuated-Affinity Biotin Analogs for Catch-and-Release with Streptavidin
 S. Corry, L-Q Ying, B. Branchaud
 Life Technologies, US
-Biomimetic Polyurethanes for Regenerative Medicine
 G. Ciardelli, S. Sartori, P. Serafini, M. Boffito, A. Caporale, A. Silvestri, E. Bernardi, F. Boccafoschi
 Politecnico di Torino, IT
-Biomimetic High Filler Content Composites using Bisphenol-A Ethoxy Diacrylate
 N. Daud, R.A. Shanks
 RMIT University, AU
-Nanoviricides as Anti-Influenza Agents
 A.R. Diwan, J.G. Tatake, R.W. Barton, K. Menon
 Nanoviricides, Inc., US
-Nanomaterials can influence living biological systems with nanometer sensitivity
 S. Sabella, V. Brunetti, G. Maiorano, L. Rizzello, B. Sorce, G. Vecchio, A. Galeone, R. Cingolani, P.P. Pompa
 Italian Institute of Technology, IT
-Mechanistic studies of in vitro cytotoxicity of PAMAM dendrimers in mammalian cells
 S.P. Mukherjee, F.M. Lyng, A. Garcia, M. Davoren, H.J. Byrne
 Focas Research Institute, Dublin Institute of Technology, IE
-Enhanced proliferation of osteoblast cells on mechanically deformed elastic membranes
 G.K. Toworfe, R. Composto, P. Ducheyne
 Regent University College of Science and Technology, GH
-Cellulose Fiber and Nano-Fiber Composites based on Castor Oil-Polyurethane Matrix
 M.N.M. Ansari, R.A. Shanks
 Universiti Tenaga Nasional, MY
-Nanoparticles co-encapsulating hVEGF and hAng-1 can induce mitotic and antiapoptotic effect on vascular endothelial cells
 A.A. Khan, A. Paul, S. Abbasi, S. Prakash
 McGill University, CA
-RAFT Polymerisation for delivery of bioactives
 J. Chiefari
-Fabrication of magnetic bio-Au nanoclusters by using SlaA-layer ghosts of Sulfolobus acidocaldarius as a template
 S. Selenska-Pobell, T. Reitz, A. Geissler, T. Herrmannsdörfer, M. Merroun
 Forschungszentrum Dresden Rossendorf, DE
-Nanoskin for Medical Applications
 P. Basmaji
 Innovatecs, BR
-Highly stable and orientationally coupled gold nanoparticle antibody conjugates for sensitivity improvement in LFIA
 M. Ijeh, T. Vossmeyer, H. Weller
 University of Hamburg, DE
-Phase Behavior and Macroscopic Processing of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube – Lysozyme Dispersions
 D.W. Horn, V.A. Davis
 Auburn University, US
-Small Photostable Photoswitchable Quantum Dots as Nanotools for Live Cell Imaging
 S.A. Díaz, T.M. Jovin, E.A. Jares-Erijman
 University of Buenos Aires, CIHIDECAR, CONICET, AR
-Hybrid silica-coated palsmonic-magnetic biomarkers
 G.A. Sotiriou, A.M. Hirt, P-Y. Lozach, A. Teleki, F. Krumeich, S.E. Pratsinis
 Particle Technology Laboratory, ETH Zürich, CH
-Synthesis and characterization of new nanoparticles formed by milk whey proteins submitted to a thermal gelation process
 J.R. Lopes, J.S.R. Coimbra, A.V.N.C. Teixeira, E.B. De Oliveira
 Federal University of Viçosa, BR
-Characterization of rMOMP-187 Peptide Encapsulated in PLGA 50:50 Nanoparticles
 M. Taha, S.R. Singh, C. Butler, E. Nyairo, V.A. Dennis
 Alabama State University, US
-Synergistic effects in mixed micellization between natural and synthetic block copolymers
 I. Portnaya, R. Khalfin, E. Kesselman, D. Danino
 Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, IL
-siRNA and Paclitaxel Loaded PEG-PCL-PEI Tri-block Polymeric Micelle for Gene and Chemo-therapy Applications in Multidrug-resistance cancer cell
 C.-Y. Hsu
 National Chung Hsing University, TW
-Bioactivation of Titanium Surfaces by Femtosecond laser Processing
 A. Tavangar, B. Tan, K. Venkatakrishnan
 Ryerson University, CA
-Biological effects of PLA-TCP nanocomposites on osteoblastic cells
 T.-I. Kim, S.-P. Lee, J.-W. Kim, H.-W. Kim, H.-H. Lee
 Seoul National University, KR
-Photo-destruction of cancer cells by NIR irradiation and graphene nano-sheets
 M. Abdolahad, S. Mohajerzadeh, M. Janmaleki, O. Akhavan
 University of Tehran, IR
-Poly(Lactic Acid) Hemp Composites Combined with Nano-Silica
 I.R. Mustapa, M.N.M. Ansari, R.A. Shanks
 Universiti Tenaga Nasional, MY
-Starch/MWCNT/Epoxy Composites for Biodegradable Batteries
 M.N.M. Ansari, R.A. Shanks, I. Kong
 Universiti Tenaga Nasional, MY
-Preparation, Characterization and Antioxidative Activity of Anti-aging Nanoemulsion and Lipid Nanoparticls
 Q. Xia, H. Wang, J. Tang, J. Wang
 Southeast University, CN
-Titanium Tungsten Coatings for Bioelectrochemical Applications
 R. Wierzbicki, L. Amato, J. Lopacinska, A. Heiskanen, J. Emneus, P. Boggild, K. Molhave
 DTU Nanotech, DK
-Three-dimensional cell instructive scaffolds to direct stem cell fate
 P. Viswanathan, S. Chirasatitsin, G. Reilly, A. Engler, G. Battaglia
 University of Sheffield, UK
-Antioxidant activity of fullerene C60 against OH free radicals: A Quantum Chemistry and Computational Kinetics Study
 C. Iuga
 Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, MX
-Synthesis and Characterization of Anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody-conjugated Magnetic Poly (glycidyl methacrylate) Particles and their Application on CD4+ Lymphocyte Separation
 N. Pimpha, S. Chaleawlert-umpon, N. Chruewkamlow, W. Kasinrerk
 National Nanotechnology Center, TH
-Nanoskin Bacterial cellulose structured- Towards the development of regenerative medicine
 G.M. Olyveira, L.M.M. Costa, P. Basmaji
-Nanostructured TiO2 and TiO2-Ag antimicrobial thin films
 R.G.S.V. Prasad, D. Basavaraju, K.N. Rao, C.S. Naveen, J. Endrino, A.R. Phani
 Sri Vishnu College of Pharmacy, IN
-Characterization of Nanostructural Modifications Introduced into a Model Pectic Homogalacturonan by Esterases or Chemical Saponification and Modeling of Enzyme Mode of Action
 R.G. Cameron, G.A. Luzio, Y. Kim, P. Vasu, B.J. Savary, M.A.K. Williams
 United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, US
-Hybrid bionanomaterials based on nanocrystalline TiO2 and catechol-grafted polymers: the effect of composition and morphology on photo and bioactivity
 F. Cellesi
 University of Manchester, UK
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