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Nanotech 2010 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2010 Vol. 2
Nanotechnology 2010: Electronics, Devices, Fabrication, MEMS, Fluidics and Computational

Chapter 1:

Electronics & Photonics

-Adhesion of moulding compounds. Can material pre-selection increase the reliability of electronic components?
 R. Pufall, B. Michel, E. Kaulfersch
 Infineon Technology AG, DE
-Application of YAG Laser Micro-Welding in MEMS Packaging
 P. Bozorgi
 University of California Santa Barbara, US
-Backside Nanoscale Texturing to Improve IR Response of Silicon Photodetectors
 L. Forbes, M.Y. Louie
 Oregon State University, US
-Control of Conducting Path in Resistive Memory Utilizing Ferritin Protein with Metal Nano Dot
 M. Uenuma, B. Zheng, K. Kawano, M. Horita, S. Yoshii, I. Yamashita, Y. Uraoka
 Nara Institute of Science and Technology, JP
-3-state Quantum Dot Gate FETs in Designing High Sampling Rate ADCs
 S. Karmakar, J.A. Chandy, F.C. Jain
 University of Connecticut, US
-Comprehensive Examination of Intrinsic-Parameter-Induced Characteristic Fluctuations in 16-nm-Gate CMOS Devices
 M-H Han, Y. Li
 National Chiao Tung University, TW
-Neighbouring Levels Statistic and Shape of Quantum Dots: Si/Sio2
 I. Filikhin, S.G. Matinyan, B. Vlahovic
 North Carolina Central University, US
-Enhancement of Defect Tolerance in the QCA-based Programmable Logic Array (PLA)
 T. Notsu, K. Miura, K. Nakamae
 Osaka University, JP
-Critical currents in graphene ribbon Josephson junctions
 P.G. Gabrielli
-Atomistic Simulations of Electronic Structure in Realistically-Sized Wurtzite InN/GaN Quantum Dots
 K. Yalavarthi, V. Gaddipati, S. Ahmed
 Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, US
-Jet-printed Si nanowires for flexible backplane applications
 W.S. Wong, S. Raychaudhuri, S. Sambandan, R. Lujan, R.A. Street
 Palo Alto Research Center, US
-Self – Heating Effects in Nanowire Transistors
 A. Hossain, K. Raleva, D. Vasileska, S.M. Goodnick
 Arizona State University, US
-Stable Light Emiting Electrochemical Cells Based in Supramolecular Interactions
 R.D. Costa, M. Lenes, E. Ortí, H.J. Bolink, S. Graber, E.C. Constable
 University of Valencia, ES
-Optical properties of silicon nanoparticles: Influence of etching, surface oxidation and surface functionalization
 A. Gupta, S. Kluge, C. Schulz, H. Wiggers
 Universität Duisburg-Essen, DE
-Growth and investigations on Fe/MgO/Fe magnetic tunnel junctions fabricated by dual ion beam sputtering technique
 B. Singh, P. Gupta, S. Chaudhary, D.K. Pandya, S.C. Kashyap
 Inidan Institute of Technology Delhi, IN
-The Effects of Gamma rays on p-channel MOSFET
 M.A. Iqbal, U. Firdous
-Characteristic Optimization of Single- and Double-Gate Tunneling Field Effect Transistors
 K-F Lee, M-H Han, I-S Lo, C-Y Yiu, Y. Li
 National Chiao Tung University, TW
-Effect of temperature and γ rays radiation on the electrical and optical characteristics of Quantum well structure based laser diode
 M.A. Iqbal, S. Ghani
-Semiconductor nanoparticles in Photocatalysis: The Emerging Art and Perspectives
 A. Sharma, A. Sharma, R. Sharma
 AKG College of Engineering, UPTU, IN
-An Architecture for Designing Noise-Tolerant QCA Nanocircuits
 S.C. Lee, L.R. Hook IV
 University of Oklahoma, US
-A New QCA Architecture for the Future of Nano-Scale Computing
 L.R. Hook IV, S.C. Lee
 University of Oklahoma, US
-A Fan-in Bounded Low Delay Adder for Nanotechnology
 Y. Sun, M.D. Wagh
 Lehigh University, US
-The Effects of Gamma rays on P-channel MOSFET
 M.A. Iqbal, U. Firdous
 Punjab University, PK
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