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Nanotech 2009 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2009 Vol. 3
Nanotechnology 2009: Biofuels, Renewable Energy, Coatings, Fluidics and Compact Modeling

Chapter 2:

Energy, Storage, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen and Grid

-A Novel Architecture for Micro Fuel Cells
 S. Moghaddam, E. Pengwang, K. Lin, R.I. Masel, M.A. Shannon
-High lithium ion storage capacity of CO annealed titania nanotube arrays
 D. Liu, Y. Zhang, G. Cao
 University of Washington, US
-Promoting the activity of LiFePO4 (olivine) cathode of Li-ion battery by supramolecular complexes with single walled carbon nanotubes
 L. Kavan, I. Exnar, M. Graetzel
 J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, CZ
-Nickel oxide hollow nano-fiber electrodes for electrochemical capacitors
 S. Machida, H. Tsutsumi
 Yamaguchi University, JP
-Phase Stabilized and Enhanced PtCu3/C oxygen reduction electrocatalysts via Au galvanic displacement
 Z. Liu, D. Huang, S. Koh, C. Yu, K.L. More, L.F. Allard Jr., P. Strasser
 University of Houston, US
-Environmentally Friendly Production of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources
 R.C. Haut, D. Burnett, T. Williams
 Houston Advanced Research Center, US
-Measurement of Thermal Properties of Suspensions of Nanoparticles in Engine Oil
 S. Khan Mohammadi, S.Gh. Etemad, J. Thibault
 Isfahan University of Technology, CA
-Energy-efficient electrochemical CO2 capture from the atmosphere
 M.D. Eisaman, D.E. Schwartz, S. Amic, D. Larner, J. Zesch, K. Littau
 Palo Alto Research Center, US
-A Novel Anode Electrode for Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell
 K.-J. Kim, R. Bernas, G.H. Miley, N. Luo, X. Yang
 University of Illinois, US
-A Computational Study to Overcome Mass Transfer Limit in Microfluidic Fuel Cell
 T. Wilburn, D. Zhou
 California State Univeristy, Sacramento, US
-Nanoengineering of a New Generation Proton Exchange Membrane for Micro Fuel Cells
 S. Moghaddam, R. Masel, M. Shannon
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
-SMES MRI Device – Alternative for Ecological Energy Storage
 S. Molokac, L. Grega, P. Rybar, M. Rybarova
 Technical University of Kosiciach, SK
-Algerian Renewable Energy Projects for Clean Environment
 Y. Himri, A.S. Malik, S. Himri, A. Boudghene Stambouli
-Channel-to-rib width ratio effects of flowfield plates in the performance of a micro-PEM fuel cell stack
 B.-S. Her, S.-S. Hsieh, J.-H. Chen
 National Sun Yat-Sen University, TW
-Expermental Study of Hydrogen in Internal Combustion Engines
 B. Albayrak Çeper, E. Berat Birsen, S. Orhan Akansu, N. Kahraman
 Erciyes University, TR
-Engineering High Surface Area Catalysts for Clean Tech Applications
 D.N. McIlroy, G. Corti, T. Cantrell, M. Beaux, T. Prakash, M.G. Norton
 Washington State University, US
-Plasma Torch Process for Hydrogen Production at Small Distributed Stations
 G.H. Miley, W.C. Gough, H. Leon
 University of Illinois, US
-Silica Nanosprings – A Novel Nanostructured Material for Hydrogen Storage
 M.G. Norton, D.N. McIlroy, G. Corti, M.A. Miller
 Washington State University, US
-Hydrogen-Steel Compatibility Research at NIST-Boulder
 T.A. Siewert, A.J. Slifka, J.D. McColskey, A.N. Lasseigne, N.E. Nanninga, Y. Levi
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