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Nanotech 2009 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2009 Vol. 1
Nanotechnology 2009: Fabrication, Particles, Characterization, MEMS, Electronics and Photonics

Chapter 8:

Nano Electronics and Photonics

-The Patterning of Sub-500 nm Inorganic Structures for Hybrid Photovoltaics
 M.J. Hampton, S.S. Williams, S.T. Retterer, J.L. Templeton, E.T. Samulski, J.M. DeSimone
 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US
-Enhanced UV Light Emission in Silicon nanoparticles
 A. Singh, K.G. Grycznski, B. Rout, J. Li, F. McDaniel, A. Neogi, G. Sahu, D.P. Mahapatra
 University of North Texas, US
-Highly selective sensing of DMMP and NH3 using CNTFET array based gas sensors obtained using Spray-gun technique and fabricated with different metal electrodes to achieve gas electronic fingerprinting
 P. Bondavalli, P. Legagneux, D. Pribat, L. Gorintin
 Thales Research and Technology, FR
-The INGAAS/GAAS Quantum Dots Under Effective and Ab Initio Treatments: Comparison and Results
 I. Filikhin, V.M. Suslov, B. Vlahovic
 North Carolina Central University, US
-Castellated-Gate MOSFETs as Power Transistors for Nanometer CMOS and Post-CMOS Integrated Nanosystems
 J.J. Seliskar
 HiperSem Inc., US
-Process- and Random-Dopant-Induced Characteristic Variability of SRAM with nano-CMOS and Bulk FinFET Devices
 T-Y Li, C-H Hwang, Y. Li
 National Chiao Tung University, TW
-Detailed Analysis of Quantum-Effects in Nanowire Tunneling Transistors with Different Channel-Profiles
 A. Heigl, G. Wachutka
 TU Munich, DE
-Plasmonic Enhancement in InGaN/GaN MQW System with Au Nanoparticles
 A. Llopis, J. Lin, A. Neogi, S.M.S. Pereira
 University of North Texas, US
-Quantum Dot Gate InGaAs FETs
 F. Jain, F. Alamoody, E. Suarez, M. Gogna, P-Y. Chan, S. Karmakar, J. Fikiet, B. Miller, E. Heller
 University of Connecticut, US
-Characteristic Variability of Novel Lateral Asymmetry Nano-MOSFETs Due to Random Discrete Dopants
 K-F Lee, C-H Hwang, T-Y Li, Y. Li
 National Chiao Tung University, TW
-Atomistic Electrostatic Simulations Using Spice
 L. Forbes, D.A. Miller, M.E. Jacob
 Oregon State University, US
-Electrical Characteristics of Nanoscale Multi-Fin Field Effect Transistors with Different Fin Aspect Ratio
 H-W Cheng, C-H Hwang, Y. Li
 National Chiao Tung University, TW
-Long-Range Interactions in Quasi-One Dimensional Cylindrical Structures
 K. Tatur, L.M. Woods
 University of South Florida, US
-Subthreshold Operation of Schottky Barrier Silicon Nanowire FET
 S.K. Yoo, J.Y. Ahn, S. Yang, J.H. Lee
 Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology (GIST), KR
-Effect of doping on the radial breathing mode of carbon nanotubes
 I.C. Gerber, P. Puech, A. Gannouni, W.S. Bacsa
-Transient Behavior of Integrated Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor Circuits
 Y. Xu, A. Srivastava, Jo.M. Marulanda
 Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, US
-Yellow electroluminescence from sputtering synthesized aluminum nitride nanocomposite thin film containing aluminum nanocrystals
 M. Yang, T.P. Chen, Y. Liu, J.I. Wong
 Nanyang Technological University, SG
-ChiralMEM: a Novel Concept for High Density Magnetic Memory Technology
 D. Atkinson, D.S. Eastwood, M. Bath
 Durham University, UK
-Effective Removal Module by Excimer Irradiation Assistance
 P.S. Pa
 National Taipei University of Education, TW
-Analog Nanoelectronic Computation: I. Simulation of Dynamical Systems
 R.W. Schmieder
 NanoLogic, Inc., US
-Applications of Memristor Crossbars for Pattern Recognition and Robotics
 B. Mouttet
 George Mason University, US
-Gallium Nitride Nanowire Enhanced High Intensity Discharge Luminance System
 J.T.H. Tsai, Z.-J. Liao
 Tatung University, TW
-Application of direct growth ZnO nanaotetrapods in field emission device
 Q. Zhang, J. Qi, Y. Zhang, Q. Liao, N. Ye
 University of Science and Technology, Beijing, CN
-The Application of Ansperical Microlens Array on Direct Backlight System
 C. Tsou, T. Lai, C. Huang, C. Chang, C. Wu
 Feng Chia University, TW
-High dielectric tunability of Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 thin film deposited by radio-frequency sputtering
 F. Zuyong
 Nanyang Technological University, SG
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