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Nanotech 2008 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2008 Vol. 1
Nanotechnology 2008: Materials, Fabrication, Particles, and Characterization - Technical Proceedings of the 2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 1

Chapter 1:

Carbon Nano Structures & Applications

-Diameter Selective Growth of Vertically Aligned Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Ethanol Flow Control
 M.G. Hahm, M.A. Noah, Y. Kwon, Y.J. Jung
 Northeastern University, US
-Growth of Nanostructured Diamond, Diamond-Like Carbon, and Carbon Nanotubes in a Low Pressure Inductively Coupled Plasma
 K. Okada
 National Institute for Materials Science, JP
-New developments in the purification, filling and functionalisation of carbon nanotubes
 R. Clarke
 Thomas Swan & Company Limited, UK
-Linear scaling techniques for first-principle calculations of large nanowire devices
 D. Zhang, E. Polizzi
 University of Massachusetts, FR
-Controlled Assembly of Highly Density SWNT Networks on a Flexible Parylene-C Substrate
 C.-L. Chen, X. Xiong, A. Busnaina, M.R. Dokmeci
 Northeastern University, US
-First disclosure of a viable semi-commercial single CNT-based FE device
 S. Daren, I. Kalifa, S. Peretz
 El-Mul Technologies Ltd, IL
-Chemical doping by sulfuric acid in double wall carbon nanotubes
 P. Puech, A. Ghandour, A. Sapelkin, E. Flahaut, D. Dunstan, W. Bacsa
 CEMES CNRS Univ Toulouse, FR
-The Influence of DNA Wrapping on SWNT Optical Absorption in Perpendicular Polarization
 S.E. Snyder, S.V. Rotkin
 Lehigh University, US
-Modeling and simulation of adhesion between carbon nanotubes and surfaces
 N.R. Paudel, T. Ohashi, L. Dai, A. Buldum
 The University of Akron, US
-Improve Contacts in Carbon Nanotube Networks by In situ Polymerization of Thin Skin of Self-Doped Conducting Polymer
 Y. Ma, W. Cheung, D. Wei, A. Bogozi, P.L. Chiu, H. He
 Rutgers, US
-Deagglomeration and Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes Using MicrofluidizerTM High Shear Fluid Processors
 T. Panagiotou, J.M. Bernard, S.V. Mesite
 Microfluidics, US
-A High-Flux, Flexible Membrane with Parylene-encapsulated Carbon Nanotubes
 H.G. Park, J. In, S. Kim, F. Fornasiero, J.K. Holt, C.P. Grigoropoulos, A. Noy, O. Bakajin
 Lawrence Livermore Natioanal Laboratory, US
-Arkema Inc. Graphistrength (tm) Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
 T.P. McAndrew, P. Laurent, M. Havel, C. Roger
 Arkema Inc., US
-Resistance measurements and weak localization in long SWNTs
 P.G. Gabrielli, S. Gabrielli, N. Lisi
-Design Optimization of Field Emission from a Stacked Carbon Nanotube Array
 D. Roy Mahapatra, N. Sinha, R. Melnik, J.T.W. Yeow
 University of Waterloo, CA
-High Current Cold Electron Source Based on Carbon Nanotube Field Emitters and Electron Multiplier Microchannel Plate
 S. Raghunandan, W. Choi
 Florida International University, US
-Advantages and Limitations of Diamond-Like Carbon as a MEMS Thin Film Material
 P. Ohlckers, T. Skotheim, V. Dmitriev, G. Kirpilenko
 Vestfold University College, NO
-First-principles studies of electrophilic molecules on the carbon nanotubes
 S. Park, K-J Kong, H-M So, G-H Buh, J-O. Lee, H. Chang
 Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, KR
-Carbon Nanotube Interfaces for Single Molecular Level Bio Sensing
 W.B. Choi, H. Vedala, S. Roy, T-H. Kim
 Florida International University, US
-Osteogenic induction on single-walled carbon nanotube scaffolds
 L.P. Zanello, P. Sharma, R. Corzano, P. Hauschka
 University of California-Riverside, US
-SWNTs inhibit normal physiological function of calcium ion channels through yttrium release
 L.M. Jakubek, J. Raingo, D. Lipscombe, R.H. Hurt
 Brown University, US
-Carbon nanotube superlattices- An oscillatory metallic behaviour
 B.K. Agrawal, A. Pathak
 Allahabad University, IN
-Aqueous Dispersion of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by using Self-doped Polyaniline as Dispersant
 J.H. Hwang, H.J. Lee, M.S. Hong, H.S. Lee, M.H. Lee
 Chonbuk National University, KR
-Nanocatalysts Assisted Growth of Diamond Films on Si by Hot Filament CVD
 C.C. Teng, F.C. Ku, J.P. Deng, C.M. Sung, C.T. Lin
 Northern Illinois University, US
-Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Network based Biosensors using Aptamers and its Characteristics
 D.W. Kim, S.M. Seo, Y.J. Park
 Seoul National University, KR
-Alcohol vapor sensors using multiple spray-coated SWCNTs
 S.J. Kim, Y.M. Choi, G.W. Lee
 Kyungnam University, KR
-Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes based Ionic Building Blocks for Nanoelectronic Devices
 Y. Yadav, S. Prasad
 Portland State University, US
-Novel Branched nanostructures of Carbon nanotubes on Si substrates suitable for the realization of gas sensors
 Y. Abdi, S. Mohajerzadeh, M.H. Sohrabi, M. Fathipour, M. Araghchini
 University of Tehran, IR
-Electronic structure of single wall carbon nanotubes under transverse external electric fields, radial deformations and defects
 Y.V. Shtogun, L.M. Woods
 University of South Florida, US
-Multiwalled carbon nanotube films as temperature nano-sensors
 A. Di Bartolomeo, F. Giubileo, M. Sarno, C. Altavilla, D. Sannino, L. Iemmo, D. Mancusi, F. Bobba, A.M. Cucolo, P. Ciambelli
 University of Salerno, IT
-Nano Structure of Carbon Nano Tube Products Synthesized in Solid Phase
 K.C. Nguyen, T.V. Le, C.D.T. Nguyen, P.T. Huynh, T.N. Nguyen, D.V. Nguyen, A.T.N. Mai
 Saigon Hi Tech Park Research Laboratories, VN
-Formation of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Via the Interaction of Graphene Nanoribbons: ab initio Density Functional Calculations
 A.J. Du, S.C. Smith, G.Q. Lu
 University of Queensland, AU
-Defect reduction of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes by Rapid Vacuum Arc Annealing
 J.T.H. Tsai, J.S. Li, A.A. Tseng
 Tatung University, TW
-Biocompatibility of Carbon Nanotubes for Cartilage Tissue Engineering
 N.O. Chahine, N.M. Collette, H. Thompson, G.G. Loots
 Lawrence Livermore National Lab, US
-Exact field enhancement factor, electrostatic force and field emission current from a long carbon nanotube
 A.I. Zhbanov, E.G. Pogorelov, Y.-C. Chang
 Academia Sinica, TW
-Solubilization of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes with Salmon Sperm DNA
 S.N. Kim, K. Singh, F. Ounchen, J. Grote, R. Naik
-Studies on Carbon Nanotubes – Polyaniline Based Composites
 C. Lal, S. Kumar, A. Kumar, T.K. Gupta
 National Physical Laboratory (NPL), IN
-In-situ synthesis of Cu nanoparticles on MWCNTS using Microwave irradiation
 V.K. Rangari, S. Dey, S. Jeelani
 Tuskegee University, US
-Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites: Role of DNA Functionalized Carbon
 W. Cheung, A. Bogozi, Y. Ma, G. Mao, H. He
 Rutgers University, US
-Simultaneous Tip and Base Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Produced by RF Plasma Enhanced CVD
 J. García-Céspedes, E. Pascual, E. Bertran
 IN2UB, Universitat de Barcelona, ES
-Ways to Increase the Length of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes in a Magnetically Enhanced Arc Discharge
 M. Keidar, I. Levchenko, A. Shashurin, A.M. Waas and K. Ostrikov
 The George Washington University, US
-One-Step Flame-Synthesis of Carbon-Embedded and -Supported Platinum Clusters
 F.O. Ernst, R. Büchel, R. Strobel, S.E. Pratsinis
 ETH Zürich, CH
-Novel Reactor Utilizing Selective Heating Catalytic Nanoparticles for Low-Temperature Growth of Carbon Nanotubes
 A.V. Vasenkov, V.V. Kolobov, D. Carnahan
 CFD Research Corporation, US
-MWCNTS Production by Means of Pyrolysis of Polyethylene-Terephtalate in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed
 M.L. Mastellone, U. Arena
 Second University of Naples, IT
-Growth and characterization of CNT Forests using Bimetallic Nanoparticles as Catalyst
 K.-H. Lee, A.K. Sra, H.-S. Jang, B.J. Lee, L. Overzeta, D.J. Yang, G.S. Lee
 The University of Texas at Dallas, US
-Characterization of Activated Carbon particles for nanocomposite synthesis
 L.P. Terrazas-Bandala, E.A. Zaragoza-Contreras, G. González-Sánchez, M.L. Ballinas-Casarrubias
 Advanced Materials Research Center (CIMAV), MX
-Multi-Functional Carbon Nanotube Based Filtration Material
 A. Cummings
 Seldon Technologies, Inc., US
-Separation Mechanisms for Nanoscale Spheres and Rods in Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF)
 F.R. Phelan Jr., B.J. Bauer
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