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Nanotech 2007 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2007 Vol. 2
Technical Proceedings of the 2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 2

Chapter 7:

Enviroment, Health and Society

-Benefits and Challenges of the Application of Nanotechnology to Food
 B.A. Magnuson, C.M. Bryant, B.A. Bugusu, J.D. Floros, J. Weiss and R.Y. Yada
 Institute of Food Technology, US
-Characterization on Dioxin Emission of TiO2 Nanoparticle-Encapsulating Poly(vinyl chloride) (TEPVC) compared to conventional PVC
 H. Yoo, S.H. Kim, A.R. Lee and S.-Y. Kwak
 Seoul National University, KR
-Theoretical Study of the Reaction between OH Radicals and Formaldehyde adsorbed on Small Silica Clusters
 C. Iuga and A. Vivier-Bunge
 Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, MX
-Methods for the Prediction of Nanoparticle Fate, Transport and Receptor Exposure in an Aqueous Environment
 C.E. Mackay, M.N. Gray, K. Reinert and K. Sellers
-Detection, Measurement and Toxicology of Semiconductor Nanocrystals in Ceriodapnia dubia
 T. Ingle, R. Hannigan, R. Buchanan and J. Bouldin
 Arkansas State University, US
-Adsorption/Desorption of Cd by Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Sediment Particles as well as Their Facilitated Bioaccumulation of Cd into Carp
 X. Zhang, Y. Chen, H. Sun and J.C. Crittenden
 Arizona State University, US
-Are Emerging Applications of Carbon Nanotubes Safe?
 R. Sharma, K. Shetty, R. Liang and C-J Chen
 Florida State University, US
-An investigation of natural nanoparticles for cleaning applications
 M. Nero and B. Tran
 Naturell Clean, Inc., US
-Forensic Environmental Analysis of Nanotechnology Regulation
 C.A. Scher and D.L. Caputo
 Quest Consulting, Inc., US
-Smog Analysis in Urban Areas Using ASTER Data and Its Analysis of Variance with In-Situ Sensors Data
 P. Roy, J.O. Brumfield and A. Vaseashta
 Graduate program in Physical Sciences, US
-Aided Transport of Nano-Iron in Clay Soils Using Direct Electric Field
 L. Hannum and S. Pamukcu
 Lehigh University, US
-Nano-Catalysts and Colloidal Suspensions of Carbo-Iron for Environmental Application
 K. Mackenzie, H. Hildebrand and F.-D. Kopinke
 Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, DE
-Nanotechnologies and Health Maintenance
 A. Rae
 NanoDynamics, US
-Cytotoxicity of Dental Nanocomposite Particles
 E.L. Kostoryz, C.J. Utter, Y. Wang, V. Dusevich and P. Spencer
 University of Missouri-Kansas City, US
-An OMICs Approach for Assessing the Safety of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Human Skin and Lung Cells
 M.J. Cunningham, M. Shah, C. Lema, S. Magnuson, M. Falduto, L. Balzano and D. Resasco
 Houston Advanced Research Center, US
-Toxicogenomics study of nanomaterials on the model organism zebrafish
 I. Rojo, M. Uriarte, I. Obieta, I. Bustero, A. Egizabal, M.A. Pardo and O. Martínez de Ilárduya
 Azti-Tecnalia, ES
-Stable Isotope Tracing - a way forward for Nanotechnology?
 B. Gulson, H. Wong, M. McCall, S. Danon, G. Greenoak, J. Trotter, P. Casey and J. Stauber
 Commonwealth Scientifc and Industrial Research Organisation, AU
-An integrated NMR/nanosensor system for sensitive detection of environmental toxins and harmful microbes
 J.M. Perez, D.P. Fries and J.J. Hickman
 University of Central Florida, US
-Biodistribution and Toxicity of Nanomaterials In Vivo: Effects of Composition, Size, Surface Functionalization and Route of Exposure
 S.L. Harper, B. Maddux, J. Hutchison and R.L. Tanguay
 Oregon State University, US
-Differential Cytotoxicity of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
 J. Chen, J. Zhu, H.-H. Cho, K. Cui, F. Li, X. Zhou, J.T. Rogers, S.T.C. Wong and X. Huang
 Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, US
-Cell-based Assays for Cytotoxic and Pro-inflammatory Effects of Gold Nanoparticles.
 T. Knight, S.S. Wise, M.D. Mason, J.P. Wise_Sr. and A-K. Ng
 University of Southern Maine, US
-Fate, Transport, and Toxicity of Nanomaterials in Drinking Water
 Y. Zhang, B.A. Koeneman, Y. Chen, P. Westerhoff, D.G. Capco and J. Crittenden
 Arizona State University, US
-Interaction of carbon nanotube material with rat skin by 21 T MRI
 R. Sharma, K. Shetty, R. Liang and C.J. Chen
 Florida State University, US
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