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Nanotech 2007 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2007 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 1

Chapter 2:

Nano Electronics & Photonics

-Fabrication Process of 3D-photonic crystals via UV-Nanoimprint Lithography
 T. Glinsner, P. Lindner, M. Mühlberger, I. Bergmair, R. Schöftner and K. Hingerl
 EV Group, AT
-Nanotechnology Based Optical Power Control Devices
 A. Donval, B. Nemet, M. Oron, R. Oron and R. Shvartzer
 KiloLambda Technologies Ltd., IL
-Engineering the Spectral Response of Waveguide Bragg Gratings Patterned by Deep Ultraviolet Nanolithography
 C.M. Greiner, D. Iazikov, T.W. Mossberg, A. Ticknor and B. McGinnis
 LightSmyth Technologies, US
-Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Ultraviolet Detectors Utilizing Ge Nanocrystals Active Medium on Si Substrate
 S.Y. Lo, P.J. Wu, R.H Yeh and J.W. Hong
 National Central University, TW
-Integrating 1D Nanostructures in Devices and Circuits for Massively Parallel and Manufacturable Nanoscale Electronics and Photonics
 M. Saif Islam, A. Choudhry and E. Fong
 University of California- Davis, US
-Kinetic Monte Carlo Study on Silicon Pre-Implant Technique
 J.S. Kim, Y.K. Kim, K.S. Yoon and T. Won
 Inha univ., KR
-Theory/experiments of X-Ray flux effect on periodic lattice distortions in YBCO
 H.S. Sahibudeen, M.A. Navacerrada and J.V. Acrivos
 San Jose' State University, US
-Area Effect of Patterned CNTs Bundle on Field Emission Characteristics
 T.W. Weng and K-Y Lee
 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, TW
-Theoretical study of Graphene Nanoribbon Field-Effect Transistors
 G. Liang, N. Neophytou, D. Nikonov and M. Lundstrom
 Purdue Unioversity, US
-Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes based Three Dimensional Flexible Electronics
 P. Makaram, S. Selvarasah, C. Chen, A. Busnaina and M.R. Dokmeci
 Northeastern University, US
-Hybridization of CMOS with CNT-based Complementary Nano Electro-Mechanical Switch for Low-Leakage and Robust Embedded Memory Design
 R.S. Chakraborty, S. Narasimhan and S. Bhunia
 Case Western Reserve University, US
-photonic nano crystal and its impact
 G.K Nzulu
 Linkoping University, SE
-Extraordinary Transmission through Al/Si Structure Perforated with Random Distribution of Holes
 Y-T Chang, I-C Tung, C-Y Chen, M-W Tsai, C-H Chan, C-C Chen and S-C Lee
 National Taiwan University, TW
-Application of Nano-Technology in Planar Silica Waveguides to Enhance the Performance of AWG’s and Other Standard Devices
 A. Ticknor, M. Yan, L. Zhao and H. Xu
 NeoPhotonics Corp., US
-Depth resolution capabilities using optical standing waves near surfaces
 F. Neumayer and W.S. Bacsa
 University Paul Sabatier, FR
-1/f Noise and RTS(Random Telegraph Signals) and Read Errors in Nanoscale Memories
 L. Forbes, D.A. Miller and M.Y. Louie
 Oregon State University, US
-A Novel Nonvolatile Memory Using SiOx-Cladded Si Quantum Dots
 R.S. Velampati and F.C. Jain
 University of Connecticut, US
-The Effect of Nanoparticle Distribution on The Structure and Properties of Palladium/Polycarbonate Nanocomposites
 S.V. Atre, O.P. Valmikanathan, V.K. Pillai, I.S. Mulla and O. Ostroverkhova
 Oregon Nanoscience & Microtechnologies Institute, US
-Nanofabric PLA architecture with Flexible Nanowire-redundancy
 M.V. Joshi and W. Al-Assadi
 University of Missouri-Rolla, US
-Anchoring and alignment behavior of liquid crystals on poly(vinyl cinnamate) thin films
 T.J. Lee, S.G. Hahm, S.W. Lee and M. Ree
 Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR
-Synthesis and Thin-Film Transistor Performance of Fluorene-based Copolymers Containing Thiophene Moieties Having Different Position of Alkyl Side Chain
 H.Y. Kong, E. Lim, Y.K. Jung, M.-J. Park, T. Ahn, M.H. Yi, I.-N. Kang and H.-K. Shim
-An Integrate and Fire Spiking Neuron Using Silicon Nano-Wire Technology
 A. Bindal and S. Hamedi-Hagh
 San Jose State University, US
-Fabrication of Light Emitting Diodes Using Nano-Porous Silicon Thin Films
 M. Jamei, B. Fallah, S. Mohajerzadeh, F. Karbassian, Y. Abdi, J. Koohsorkhi, M.D. Robertson and S. Yuill
 Acadia University, CA
-Optimization and Examination of Device Characteristics Due to Process Variation in 10 nm FinFET Using Fully Self-Consistent Quantum Mechanical Simulator
 H. Khan, D. Mamaluy and D. Vasileska
 Arizona State University, US
-Silicon Nanoparticles contacted by metal nanogaps for FET applications
 K. Wolff and U. Hilleringmann
 University of Paderborn, DE
-Random Discrete Dopant Fluctuated Sub-32 nm FinFET Devices
 Y. Li, C-H Hwang, S-M Yu, H-M Huang and H-M Chen
 National Chaio Tung University, TW
-High Frequency Characteristics of Nanoscale Silicon Nanowire FET
 Y. Li and C-H Hwang
 National Chaio Tung University, TW
-1/f Noise and RTS(Random Telegraph Signal) Errors in Comparators and Sense Amplifiers
 L. Forbes, D.A. Miller and P. Poocharoen
 Oregon State University, US
-N-channel Single Crystal Si Nanoparticle Schottky Barrier Transistor
 S.H. Song, Y. Ding, U. Kortshagen, A. Bapat and S.A. Campbell
 University of Minnesota, US
-Another Look at Organic/Metal Interfaces: Correlation with Experiment
 P.M. Mitrasinovic
 Center for Multidisciplinary Studies, University of Belgrade, YU
-First-principles Modeling of Magnetic Memory Components — Preliminary Results on the Effects of Interface Oxides
 M. Stilling, K. Stokbro and K. Flensberg
 Atomistix, DK
-Electron Effective Mass Of GaAs Double-Concentric Quantum Rings
 I. Filikhin, E. Deyneka and B. Vlahovic
 North Carolina Central University, US
-Robust design of quantum potential profile for electron in semiconductor nanodevices
 J. Zhang and R. Kosut
 SC Solutions, US
-Nanoscale Device Modeling and Simulation: Multiple Independent gate Field Effect Transistor
 H-G Kim
 Inha University, KR
-Ab initio calculation of tunneling current through ultra-thin SiO2 gate dielectric of MOS Structure, including the influence of oxygen vacancies on the tunneling current
 E. Nadimi, R. Janisch and C. Radehaus
 TU Chemnitz, DE
-QBITS Simulations for Develompment of Quantum Computer using the DSP 6711
 V.H. Téllez, G. Duchen, A. Campero and C. Iuga
-Monte Carlo Algorithm for Nanoscale Electro-Thermal Optimization
 A.W. Skorek, S.V. Ble, G. Anders and J. Nazarko
 University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres, CA
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