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Nanotech 2006 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2006 Vol. 2
Technical Proceedings of the 2006 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 2

Chapter 3:

Bio Sensors and Diagnostics

-Dendrimer Nanoparticles for Extending Biosensor Lifetime
 X. Qian and M.B. Tabacco
 Smiths Detection, US
-Future of Semiconductor Based Thermal Neutron Detectors
 R.J. Nikolic, C.L. Cheung, C.E. Reinhardt and T.F. Wang
 Lawrence Livermore National Lab, US
-Detection of Biological Species by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering
 A. Sengupta, M. Volny, C.B. Wilson, F. Turecek and E.J. Davis
 University of Washington, US
-Multi-plex biomolecular detection using Bio-nanotransduction
 J.R. Branen
 University of Idaho, US
-Integrated Techniques for Transmembrane Protein Sensing
 S.J. Wilk, L. Petrossian, M. Goryll, T.J. Thornton, S.M. Goodnick, J.M. Tang and R.S. Eisenberg
 Arizona State University, US
-Using Surface Plasmon Propagation through Nanostructures for Chemical and Biological Sensing
 A. Benahmed and C-M Ho
-Detection of Small Molecule-Protein Binding with Amorphous Silicon Nanostructures
 J. Lund, R. Mehta and B. Parviz
 University of Washington, US
-Layer by Layer Fabrication of an Amperometric Nanocomposite Biosensor for Sulfite
 S.B. Adeloju and A. Ohanessian
 Water and Sensor Research Group, AU
-Nanoparticle Labels/ Electrochemical Immunosensor for Detection of Biomarkers
 G. Liu, J. Wang and Y. Lin
 Pacific Northwest National Lab, US
-Polymerized Crystalline Colloidal Arrays Photonic Cosmetic Contact Lenses
 V.L. Alexeev, G.G. Cano and S.A. Asher
 Glucose Sensing Technologies LLC, US
-CNT-Array Integrated SoC for Biological Sensor Applications
 S.M. Seo, J-H Cheon, J.H. Lee, M. Lee, J. Im, B-Y Lee, I-Y Chung, S. Hong, Y.J. Park and H.S. Min
 Seoul National University, KR
-Novel Photonic Technique Creates Micrometer Resolution Multi-sensor Arrays and Provides a New Approach to Coupling of Genes, Nucleic Acids, Peptide Hormones and Drugs to Nanoparticle Carriers
 M.T. Neves-Petersen, M. Duroux, L. Duroux, E. Skovsen and S.B. Petersen
 Professor, DK
-Electrochemical ‘Lab-on-a-Chip’ for Toxicity Detection in Water
 R. Popovtzer, T. Neufeld, E.Z. Ron, J. Rishpon and Y. Shacham-Diamand
 Tel Aviv University, IL
-Electrophoretically Actuated Nanoscale Optoentropic Transduction Mechanisms
 B. Sullivan, D. Dehlinger, S. Zlatanovic, S. Esener and M.J. Heller
 University of California San Diego, US
-A Simple and Direct Biomolecule Detection Based on a Microwave Resonator
 Y-H Kim, S-I Yoon, S. Park, H-S Kim, Y-J Kim and H-I Jung
 Yonsei University, KR
-Biomedical Applications of Carbon Nanotubes and the related Cellular Toxicity
 S. Bellucci, C. Balasubramanian, A. Bergamaschi, M. Bottini, A. Magrini and T. Mustelin
 INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, IT
-A Novel, Low Power Biosensor for Real Time Monitoring of Creatinine and Urea in Peritoneal Dialysis
 B. Premanode and C. Toumazou
 Institute of Biomedical Engineering, UK
-PCR-free DNA-based biosensing with polymeric optical hybridization transduction using micro- and submicron-magnetic bead captured on micro-electromagnetic traps
 S. Dubus, B. Le Droggof, J-F. Gravel, D. Boudreau and T. Veres
 Laval University, CA
-Development of Nanoprobes as Glucose Biosensors
 M. Dweik and S. Grant
 University of Missouri-Columbia, US
-Carbon Nanotube-based Labels for Sensitive Nucleic Acids Detection
 A.C. Lee, J.S. Ye, S.N. Tan, D. Poenar, F.S. Sheu, C.K. Heng and T.M. Lim
 National University of Singapore, SG
-Fabrication of impedimetric sensors for label-free Point-of-Care immunoassay cardiac marker systems, with microfluidic blood flow delivery, and results telemetry to PDA
 M. Tweedie, R. Subramanian, I. Craig, E.T. McAdams and J.A.D. McLaughlin
 University of Ulster at Jordanstown, UK
-Assembly of DNA Rotaxanes for AFM Based DNA Sequencing
 Q. Spadola, S. Qamar, L. Lin, B. Ashcroft, P. Zhang and S.M. Lindsay
 The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, US
-Surface modification and characterization of a cyclic olefin copolymer for magnetic bead-based stop-flow microfluidic ELISA
 M. Herrmann, T. Veres and M. Tabrizian
 McGill University, CA
-Carbon Microstructures for Glucose Biosensor
 H. Xu, K. Malladi, C. Wang and M.J. Madou
 University of California, Irvine, US
-Biosensors Fabricated through Electrostatic Assembly of Enzymes/Polyelectrolyte Hybrid Layers on Carbon Nanotubes
 Y. Lin, G. Liu and J. Wang
 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
-Magnetic Devices for Ultra High Throughput Biological Analysis
 T. Mitrelias, Z. Jiang, J. Llandro and J.A.C. Bland
 University of Cambridge, UK
-Direct-Write CMOS-Based Laboratory-On-Chip
 E. Ghafar-Zadeh, M. Sawan and D. Therriault
 École Polytechnique de Montréal, CA
-A Sensitive Peptide-Nanotube Based Pathogen Assay
 R.I. MacCuspie, I.A. Banerjee, S. Gummalla, H. Mostowski, P. Krause and H. Matsui
 Hunter College, US
-Biomolecular diagnostics by a magnetic lab-on-a-chip
 H. Brückl, M. Eggeling, R. Heer, C. Nöhammer and J. Schotter
 ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH, AT
-Nanoengineered Encapsulation of Organic Microcrystal as Novel Biolabels
 W.C. Mak, K.Y. Cheung, R. Renneberg and D. Trau
 National University of Singapore, SG
-Applications of Dielectrophoretic / electrohydrodynamic electrodes for concentration of biological nanoparticles
 H.O. Fatoyino, Y. Huebner, K.F. Hoettges, M.P. Hughes and F.H. Labeed
 University of Surrey, UK
-Fast and Easy Detection System of Protein Glycosylation by Using Resonant Energy Transfer between Nanoparticles
 E. Oh, D. Lee and H-S Kim
 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KR
-Ligand-dependent changes in the SPR of magnetic nanoparticles
 L. Radu, D. Caruntu, M. White, J. Wiley, C.J. O’Connor and P. Hanson
 University of New Orleans, US
-Stem Cell Differentiation Base on Acoustic Wave Sensor
 C-J Shih, B-C Tsai and K-L Ou
 Industrial Technology research institute, TW
-Remote Manipulation of a Robotic Arm by Using Infrared Sensors
 N.E. Chávez Rodríguez and J. Esquivel Villar
-Design of a Wireless Passive Microsensor for Injection into the Human Brain
 J.P.F. Spratley, P.S. Hall and M.C.L. Ward
 University of Birmingham, UK
-Preservation of DNA and Protein Biofunctionality for Bio-MEMS & NEMS Fabrication
 D. Trau, J. Jie and N.J. Sucher
 National University of Singapore (NUS), SG
-Reflex-arc on a chip: An in silico cell culture analogue
 K.A. Wilson, M. Das, P. Molnar and J.J. Hickman
 University of Central Florida, US
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