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Nanotech 2005 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2005 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3

Chapter 9:

MEMS Modeling and Design

-Performance Tradeoffs in MEMS Sensors with High-Finesse Fabry-Perot Interferometry Detection
 E.J. Eklund and A.M. Shkel
 University of California, Irvine, US
-A Coarse-Grained Tight Binding Method for Electrostatic Analysis of Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS)
 Y. Xu, G. Li and N.R. Aluru
 Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, US
-T-CAD Environment for Multi-Material-MEMS Design
 U. Triltsch, S. Büttgenbach, D. Straube and H.-J. Franke
 Technical University of Braunschweig, DE
-Design, Modelling and Optimisation of Integrated Piezoelectric Micro Power Generators
 M. Marzencki, S. Basrour and B. Charlot
-A Robust Approach for Estimating Diffusion Constants from Concentration Data in Microchannel Mixers
 C.P. Coelho, S. Desai, D. Freeman and J.K. White
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
-Electromechanical Modeling of MEMS Resonators with MOSFET Detection
 N. Abelé, V. Pott, K. Boucart, F. Casset, K. Séguéni, P. Ancey and A.M. Ionescu
 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, CH
-Elastomeric Composites to Reduce the Effects of Trunnion Mode in Inertial Devices
 Ma. Perez and A.M. Shkel
 University of California, Irvine, US
-A Method for Solving Arbitrary MEMS Perforation Problems with Edge and Rare Gas Effects
 T. Veijola and P. Raback
 Helsinki University of Technology, FI
-Computer Aided Design and Optimization of Integrated Circuits with RF MEMS Devices by an ANN Based Macro-Modeling Approach
 Y. Lee, Y. Park, F. Niu, B. Bachman and D. Filipovic
 University of Colorado, US
-Three Degrees of Freedom Thermal Microactuator
 A. Pasupuleti, F. Sahin, W.W. Walter, A. Raisanen, J.L. Hebding and K.D. Hirschman
 Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-Computational Modeling of a Piezoelectrically Actuated Microvalve for the Control of Liquid Flowrate
 S.M. Saeidi, J.M. Khodadadi, C.A. Johnson, C. Lee and E-H Yang
 Auburn University, US
-Effects of Etch Holes in Microelectromechanical Resonators
 J. Yan and A.A. Seshia
 University of Cambridge, UK
-Electro-Static Membrane Model in CAD
 M. Zubert, M. Napieralska, A. Napieralski
 Department of Microelectronic and Computer Science, PL
-Symbolic Finite Element Analysis for Parametric Studies
 R.W. Johnstone, T. Shimizu and M. Parameswaran
 Simon Fraser University, CA
-Extraction of Damping Coefficients of Comb Drive by Partitioning
 A. Khaliq, X. Liu, R. Nohria, Y. Su and K. Varahramyan
 Louisiana Tech University, US
-Modeling of an Electroactive Polyimide Ultrasonic Wave Sensor for Aerospace Applications
 W.C. Wilson, G.M. Atkinson, D.F. Perey, M.A. Scott and K.K. Tedjojuwono
-Numerical Investigation of Phase-Changing Heat Transfer for Laser-Assisted Direct Nano Imprint Processing
 F-B Hsiao, D-B Wang, C-P Jen, Y-C Lee and C-H Chuang
 National Cheng Kung University, TW
-Stress Optimization of a Micromechanical Torsional Spring
 T. Klose, D. Kunze, T. Sandner, H. Schenk, H. Lakner, A. Schneider and P. Schneider
 Fraunhofer IPMS, DE
-Optimization of GaAs MEMS structures for Microwave Power Sensor
 J. Jakovenko, M. Husak and T. Lalinsky
 Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ
-Electromechanical Model for a Single Port Nano-Mechancial Beam Resonator
 T. Kemp, P.T. Docker, M.C.L. Ward and I.P. Jones
 The University of Birmingham, UK
-Design of Experiment Tools for Process and Device Development
 N. Olij, A.F. Bakker and A.C.G. Nutt
 PhoeniX BV, NL
-Combination of Analytical Models and Order Reduction Methods for System Level Modeling of Gyroscopes
 P. Schneider, S. Reitz, J. Bastian, P. Schwarz, C. Döring, M. Maute and R. Neul
 Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, DE
-Three-Dimensional Transient Electro-Thermal Interconnect Simulation for Stress and Electromigration Analysis
 S. Holzer, Ch. Hollauer, H. Ceric, S. Wagner, R. Entner, E. Langer, T. Grasser and S. Selberherr
 Vienna University of Technology, AT
-MEMS Pressure Sensor with Two Thin Film Piezoelectric Read-Out
 B. Sun and R. Zhang
 Cape Penisula University of Technology, SA
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