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Nanotech 2005 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2005 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3

Chapter 8:

MEMS/NEMS Design and Applications

-A Novel Approach to Integrate Multiple Frequencies of Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators (FBAR) In A Single Chip
 Z. Huang, Z. Suo, L.-P. Wang, D. Shim and Q. Ma
 Intel Corporation, US
-Biologically Functionalized Nanochannels on Ferroelectric Lead Zirconium Titanate Surfaces
 L.E. Ocola, W.C. Pan, M. Kuo, V.R. Tirumala, B.D. Reiss, M.A. Firestone and O. Auciello
 Argonne National Laboratory, US
-Automated and Integrated Mask Genertion from a CAD Constructed 3D Model
 R.L. Schiek and R.C. Schmidt
 Sandia National Laboratories, US
-Application of Mass Transport in Solid Electrolyte Films in Tunable Microelectromechanical Resonators
 M.N. Kozicki, C.L. Brown III, M. Mitkova, S. Enderling, J. Hedley and A.J. Walton
 Arizona State University, US
-RF-MEMS switching LC-tank network for multiband VCO
 R. Gaddi, A. Gnudi, M. Bellei, B. Margesin and F. Giacomozzi
 ARCES - University of Bologna, IT
-Nanoparticle Separations Using Miniaturized Field-Flow Fractionation Systems
 M. Graff, T.L. Edwards, B.K. Gale and A.B. Frazier
 Georgia Institute of Technology, US
-Higher Order Sigma-Delta Modulator Interfaces for MEMS Capacitive Sensors
 M. Kraft and Y. Dong
 Southampton University, UK
-MEMS Reliability Assessment ProgramMicro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS) Reliability Assessment Program for Department of Defense Activities
 J.L. Zunino III, D. Skelton and R. Mason
 U.S. Army Corrosion Office, US
-Towards Nano Mechanical Sensors
 C. Hierold
 ETH Zürich, CH
-Intelligent Sensors: Systems or Components?
 N. White
 Southampton University, UK
-Y-nano X-micro Technologies: nanometric optical control
 D.W. de Lima Monteiro, F.P. Honorato, A.I. Ferreira Jr, O. Soloviev, G. Vdovin and M. Loktev
 Federal University of Minas Gerais, BR
-The Optimisation of a Resonant Gas Sensor by Using Nano-Tectured Surfaces
 P.T. Docker, P.K. Kinnell and M.C.L. Ward
 University of Birmingham, UK
-Control of Particles Using Multi-Frequency DEP
 S. Loire, Y. Zhang, F. Bottausci, I. Mezic, N. McDonald
 University of California Santa Barbara, US
-Zeolite Membrane Microreactors for Fine Chemical Synthesis
 X. Zhang, S.M. Lai, K.F. Lam, K.L. Yeung and R. Martin-Aranda
 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, CN
-Design Optimisation of an Electrostatic MEMS Actuator with Low Spring Constant for an “Atom Chip”
 H.A. Rouabah, C.O. Gollasch and M. Kraft
 University of Southampton, UK
-Design Optimization of a Surface Micromachined Electro-Thermal Beam Flexure Polysilicon Actuator
 A. Atre
 Georgia Institute of Technology, US
-MEMS-Based MHz Integrated Ultrasonic Nozzles with Applications to Micro/Nano Technologies
 S.C. Tsai, Y.L. Song, Y.F. Chou, G. Qiu, E. Degiovanni, N. Wang, J.S. Cheng and C.S. Tsai
 University of California, Irvine, US
-The Design and Simulation of a Novel Out-of-plane Micro Electrostatic Actuator
 C. Tsou, S.L. Huang, T.S. Lai and H.C. Li
 Feng Chia University, TW
-Fabrication and Characterization of MOS Transistor Tip Integrated Micro Cantilever
 S.H. Lee, G. Lim and W. Moon
 Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR
-Computer-Based Process Design Support for MEMS
 A. Wagener, J. Popp, T. Schmidt and K. Hahn
 University of Siegen, DE
-Packaging Design with Thermal Analysis of LED on Silicon Substrate
 C. Tsou, Y.S. Huang, H.C. Li and T.S. Lai
 Feng Chia University, TW
-A Tunable Dispersive Optical System
 K-W Shieh, J. Hsieh and H-Y Chou
 Precsion Instrument Development Center, TW
-Microfabricated Heteroepitaxial Oxide Structures on Silicon for Bolometric Arrays
 J-H Kim and A.M. Grishin
 KTH Royal Institue of Technology, SE
-A Study on Alleviating Deformation of MEMS Structure and Prediction of Residual Stress in Surface Micromachining
 S. Kweon, S. Hong, H. Shin and B. Jeon
 Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, KR
-Design and Analysis of The CMOS Spatial Light Modulators with Flat Beam Profiles
 C-P Hsu, C-T Shih, S-Y Wen, Y-H Chien, C-C Hu and H-W Lee
 Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW
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