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Nanotech 2005 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2005 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3

Chapter 7:

Smart Sensors and Systems

-Speckled Computing
 D.K. Arvind
 University of Edinburgh, UK
-Data Centric Wireless Sensor Networks
 S. Dulman and P. Havinga
 Twente University, NL
-In Situ Atmospheric Profiling Using Mobile Ad-hoc Sensor Networks
 M.L. Adams, J. Manobianco, J. Bickford and D.M. Manobianco
 ENSCO, Inc., US
-Multi-Degree of Freedom Micromachined Decoupled Gyroscope for Automotive Applications
 C. Acar, C.C. Painter, A.R. Schofield and A.M. Shkel
 UCI Microsystems Laboratory, US
-A Realistic Dream – a Top-Down Feasibility Study for MEMS Planetary Exploration
 R.M. Newman, E.I Gaura, J. Tabor and S. Mount
 Coventry University, UK
-Information Controlled Wireless Sensor Networks with Energy Aware Nodes
 G. Merrett, B.M. Al-Hashimi, N.M. White and N.R. Harris
 University of Southampton, UK
-High Damping Electrostatic System For Vibration Energy Scavenging
 G. Despesse, J.J. Chaillout, I. Dekkaki, T. Jager, J.M. Léger, A. Vassilev, S. Basrour and B. Charlot
-A MEMS Vertical Fringe Comb Capacitive Pressure Sensor for Biomedical Application
 K. Shah, H. Thumu, V. Vibhute, J. Singh and H.P. Le
 Center of Telecommunication and Microelectronics, AU
-Active Damping Control in MEMS Using Parametric Pumping
 B.J. Gallacher, J.S. Burdess, A.J. Harris and K.M. Harish
 Newcastle University, UK
-U.S. Army Development of Active Smart Coatings™ System for Military Vehicles
 J. Zunino, L. Battista and N. Colon
 U.S. Army Corrosion Office, US
-Molecular Communication
 S. Hiyama, Y. Moritani, T. Suda, R. Egashira, A. Enomoto, M. Moore and T. Nakano
 NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP
-Tests of the Sigma-Delta Converter Designed as a Part of Microsystem Dedicated to Water Pollution Monitoring
 M. Szermer and A. Napieralski
 Tech. Univ. of Lodz, PL
-Modeling of a New Acceleration Sensor as part of a 2D Sensor Array in VHDL-AMS
 E. Markert, M. Schlegel, M. Dienel, G. Herrmann and D. Müller
 Chemnitz University of Technology, DE
-An Algorithmic Approach to the Optimal Extraction of Signals from Intelligent Sensors
 P.J. Boltryk, C.J. Harris and N.M. White
 University of Southampton, UK
-The Design of Temperature Matrix with Direction Sensitivity
 M. Husak, J. Jakovenko, P. Kulha and V. Janicek
 Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ
-The IAradSim – IA32 Architecture under a High Radiation Environment Simulator
 B. Swiercz, D. Makowski and A. Napieralski
 Technical University of Lodz, PL
-Chip Package Co-design of 5GHz RF Receiver Front-End using Multichip Module Technology
 Y. Amin, H. Tenhunen, L-R Zheng, X. Duo and S. Amin
 University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, PK
-The Application of SRAM Chip as a Novel Neutron Detector
 D. Makowski, M. Grecki, B. Mukherjee, S. Simrock, B. Swiercz and A. Napieralski
 Technical University of Lodz, Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science, PL
-A Simulation Tool for System Services in Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
 S.N.I. Mount, R.M. Newman and E.I. Gaura
 Coventry University, UK
-Intelligent Data Aggregation in Sensor Networks Using Artificial Neural-Networks Algorithms
 A. Kulakov and D. Davcev
 Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, MK
-Intelligent Digital 3-Axis IMU for Automotive and Robotic Applications
 H. Ko, S. Park, B-D Choi, Y. Park, T. Song, G. Lim, K. Yoo, S. Lee, S.C. Lww, A. Lee, S.C. Lee and D-I Cho
 Seoul National University, KR
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