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Nanotech 2005 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2005 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3

Chapter 3:

Nano Devices and Architectures

-Room-Temperature InAlAs/InGaAs Planar Tunneling-coupled Transistor
 J.S. Moon, R. Rajavel, D. Chow, S. Bui and D. Wong
 HRL Labs, US
-Polymeric Nanowire Architectures and Nanodevices
 H. Liu, J. Kameoka, S. Verbridge and H.G. Craighead
 Cornell University, US
-Three-Dimensional Logic Architecture by Four-terminal Electrical Switches (FES) beyond Two-dimensional CMOS Architecture
 S. Fujita, K. Abe and T.H. Lee
 Stanford University, US
-Nanopillar Arrays with Superior Mechanical Strength and Optimal Spacing for High Sensitivity Biosensors
 V. Anandan, Y.L. Rao and G. Zhang
 University of Georgia, US
-Growth of Carbon Nano-Structures in Ceramic Materials
 C. Kufazvinei, R.W. Leahy, S.M. Lipson, W.J. Blau, F.C. Dillon, T.R. Spalding, M.A. Morris, J.D. Holmes, G. Allan and J. Patterson
 Trinity College Dublin, IE
-Growth and Characterization of GaAs/AlGaAs Core-Shell Nanowires and AlGaAs Nanotubes
 J. Noborisaka, J. Motohisa, S. Hara and T. Fukui
 Hokkaido University, JP
-Implementation of Separable Scattering Mechanisms in Three-Dimensional Quantum Mechanical Simulations of a Silicon Quantum Wire
 M.J. Gilbert, R. Akis and D.K. Ferry
 Arizona State University, US
-Single-Crystal Nanowire Transistor for Logic and Memory Applications
 B. Yu, L. Ye and M. Meyyappan
 NASA Ames Research Center, US
-Electronic Transport Through Carbon Nanotubes – Effect of Contacts, Topological Defects, Dopants and Chemisorbed Impurities
 A. Maiti, J. Hoekstra, J. Andzelm, N. Govind, A. Ricca, A. Svizhenko, H. Mehrez and M.P. Anantram
 Accelrys Inc., US
-Spin Density Functional Theory Simulations of Quantum Point Contacts: An Investigation of Spin Filtering Effects
 R. Akis and D.K. Ferry
 Arizona State University, US
-The Design of a Silicon Wire DRAM Cell for Very Dense DRAM Architectures
 A. Bindal and K. Aflatooni
 San Jose State University, US
-Nanowire Sensors and Arrays for Chemical/Biomolecule Detection
 M. Yun, C. Lee, R.P. Vasquez, K. Ramanathan, M.A. Bangar, W. Chen, A. Mulchandan and N.V. Myung
 Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US
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