Nano Science and Technology Institute
Nanotech 2005 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2005 Vol. 2
Technical Proceedings of the 2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 2

Chapter 11:

Characterization Tools and Microscopy

-Mechanical Nonlinear Generation with Coupled Torsional Harmonic Cantilevers for Sensitive and Quantitative Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Material Characteristics
 O. Sahin, C.F. Quate and O. Solgaard
 Stanford University, US
-Visualizing Nano-Electromechanics by Vector Piezoresponse Force Microscopy
 B.J. Rodriguez, S. Jesse, A.P. Baddorf, S.V. Kalinin, A. Gruverman
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
-Quantification of Properties for Ferroelectric Thin Films Using Piezo-response Force Microscopy
 M.G. Cain, M.J. Lowe, A. Cuenat, M. Stewart and J. Blackburn
 National Physical Laboratory, UK
-Nonlinear Response in Nanoshear Modulation Force Microscopy: Fourier Analysis
 G. Haugstad
 University of Minnesota, US
-Simultaneous Topography and RECognition Mapping with PicoTRECâ„¢: A Powerful New Technology That Can Be Used To Map Nanometer-Scale Molecular Binding Sites On A Variety Of Surfaces
 W.T. Johnson, G. Kada, C. Stroh, H. Gruber, H. Wang, F. Kienberger, A. Ebner, S. Lindsay and P. Hinterdorfer
 Molecular Imaging, Corp., US
-Optimization of Nano-Machining with Focused IonBeams
 L.A. Giannuzzi, P. Anzalone and D. Phifer
 FEI Company, US
-Advanced Particle Beam Technologies for Nano-Characterization and Fabrication
 J.J.L. Mulders and J. Greiser
 FEI Company, NL
-An Evaluation of a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer with NIST-Traceable Particle Size Standards
 J. Vasiliou
 Duke Scientific Corporation, US
-Integrated Optical Profiler and AFM: a 3D Metrology System for Nanotechnology
 M. Jobin, A. Du and R. Foschia
 University of Applied Sciences, CH
-New Developments in Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Nano Sciences
 J.-P. Piel, A. Darragon and C. Defranoux
-Novel Ion Beam Tools for Nanofabrication
 Q. Ji, X. Jianga, L. Jia, Y. Chena, B. van der Akker and K.-N. Leung
 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
-MEMS/NEMS Dynamics Measurement Tool Using The Stroboscopic Principle
 H-H Liao and Y-J Yang
 National Taiwan University, TW
-Comparative Study of Fabrication Patterns of a Ferroelectric Polymer P(VDF-TrFE) on Gold Thin Film and Gold Ball via Dip-pen Nanolithography
 Q. Tang, S.Q. Shi, L.M. Zhou and C.H. Xu
 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, CN
-Theoretical and Experimental Study of Synthetic MFM Tips
 Y.H. Wu, G. Han and Y.K. Zheng
 National University of Singapore, SG
-Atomic Force Microscope as a Tool for Nanometer Scale Surface Patterning
 S.V. Lemeshko, S.A. Saunin and V.A. Shevyakov
 Nanotechnology Instruments Europe B.V., NL
-High Resolution Mapping of Compositional Differences at Electrode Interfaces by Electric Force Microscopy
 G.A. Edwards, J.D. Driskell, A.J. Bergren, R.J. Lipert and M.D. Porter
 Ames Laboratory - U.S. DOE, US
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