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Nanotech 2005 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2005 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 1

Chapter 8:

Bio Micro Sensors

-Nanobiodevices Integrating Biomolecular Motors
 S. Ramachandran, D. Wu, T. Nitta, R. Tucker, A. Phillips and H. Hess
 University of Washington, US
-Surface Characterization of a Direct, Label-Free Piezoelectric Immunosensor Platform
 A. Papadopoulou-Bouraoui, M. Lejeune, J. Barrero-Moreno, A. Valsesia, M. Manso, D. Gilliland, G. Ceccone, and F. Rossi
 European Commission - JRC, IT
-New Light Induced Molecular Switch allows Sterically Oriented Micrometer Sized Immobilization of Biomolecules
 T. Snabe, M.T. Neves-Petersen, P. Fojan, S. Klitgaard and S.B. Petersen
 Aalborg University, DK
-Nano-Cantilevers for an Ultra-Sensitive Bio-Assay
 J. Zheng, K. Klein, R. Pucha, S.V. Sitaraman, D. Merlin, S. Rajalakshmi, D.S.R. Sarma, A. Gerwirtz and S.K. Sitaraman
 Georgia Institute of Technology, US
-Characterization of a Tethering System for Biosensor Applications
 L. Blasi , P.P. Pompa , D. Pisignano , G. Palazzo, A. Mallardi, G. Maruccio, A. Maffei, G. Ciccarella, G. Vasapollo, F. Calabi, R. Cingolani and R. Rinaldi
 Leece University, IT
-Plasmon-enhanced Fluorescence Detection of Blood Metabolites in Biosensors
 S. Klitgaard, T. Rasmussen, M.T. Neves Petersen and S.B. Petersen
 Aalborg University, DK
-Synthesis of new Metal Complex - Biomolecule Hybrids as Redox Sensors for Specific Nucleobases
 G. Gasser, A.M. Bond, B. Graham, Z. Kosowski and L. Spiccia
 Monash University, AU
-Signal Amplification of Surface Plasmon Resonance based on Gold Nanoparticle-Antibody Conjugate and its Application to Protein Array
 W. Lee, D-B Lee, Y-W Kim and J-W Choi
 Sogang University, KR
-Microcantilever Array Sensor for DNA and RNA Detection
 S. Cherian, M. Natesan, E. Macis, R. Cain, L. Tedeschi, L. Citti, I. Palchetti, S. Tombelli and R. Raiteri
 University of Genova, IT
-The Use of Quartz Crystal Microbalance in Cell Differentiation Detection
 C-J Shih, W-W Ke and C-H Lieu
 Industrial Technology Research Institute/Electronics Research & Service Organization, TW
-Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as Platforms for the Design of Biosensors
 E. Mendoza, E. Borowiak-Palen, K. Sharpe, S.G.M. de Silva, N. Mureau and S.R.P Silva
 University of Surrey, UK
-Electrochemical Detection of Single-Nucleotide Mismatches: Application of M-DNA
 E. Abu-Irhayem, Y-T. Long, T. Sutherland, C-Z Li, H-B Kraatz and J.S. Lee
 University of Saskatchewan, CA
-A Novel Electrochemical Nitric Oxide Sensor: Aligned RuO2 Nanowires Deposited on Pt filament
 C.Y. Wang, J. Liu, C.A. Piantadosi and B.W. Allen
 Duke University, US
-Effect of Length of Biotin Modified n-Alkanethiolates on the Formation of a Self-Assembled Streptavidin-Biotin Monolayer on a Gold Surface
 D.-J. Kim, E.C. Cho and K.-K. Koo
 Sogang University, KR
-Enhancement of E6 Protein Binding on Binding-Orientation-Sensitive Mixed SAMs Molecules
 F.G. Tseng, J.K. Hwang, S.W. Hung, J.M. Chang, T.W. Huang, Y.T. Tseng, H.M. Huang and C.C. Chieng
 National Tsing Hua University, TW
-Purification of PCR-Inhibitory Components by Cellulose Acetate Membranes
 H. Mohamed, D.H. Szarowski, L.A. Lepak, M.G. Spencer, D.L. Martin, M. Caggana and J.N. Turner
 New York State Department of Health, US
-Micropatterned Laminin-1 Matrices
 N. Sgarbi, D. Pisignano, F. Di Benedetto, A. Aloisi, G. Nicolardi, R. Cingolani and R. Rinaldi
 Leece University, IT
-Temperature Uniformity and DNA Amplification Efficiency in Micromachined Glass PCR Chip
 C.C. Huang, M. Wang, W.P. Liu, K.Y. Weng and L.Y. Yao
 Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW
-Modeling Particle Hydrodynamic Transport in an Idealized Nanoscale Bio-Motor
 P.W. Longest and R.M. Pidaparti
 Virginia Commonwealth University, US
-Utilizing Nanoscale Patterned Proteins to Create Neuronal Cells Circuits
 W. Wang, C-J Chun, C. Gregory, S. Narayanan, M. Poeta and J.J. Hickman
 University of Centra Florida, US
-CNTs-Insulator- Semiconductor System for Chemical and Biological Sensor Applications
 J-H Cheon, Q. Lin, B-D Kong, D.W. Kang, L. Kim, J.S. Suh, Y.J. Park and H.S. Min
 Seoul National University, KR
-Microchannel Immunoassays with Electrochemical Detection in Devices Constructed from Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic and Screen Printed Gold
 E.S.O. Fakunle and I. Fritsch
 University of Arkansas, US
-Rapid DNA Sequence Identification based on Electrostatic Interactions with Unmodified Gold Nanoparticles
 H.X. Li and L.J. Rothberg
 University of Rochester, US
-Label Free Colorimetric Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Pcr Amplified Genomic DNA
 H.X. Li and L.J. Rothberg
 University of Rochester, US
-Detecting Drug Screen by Acoustic Wave Sensor
 C-J Shih, W-W Ke, C-H Lieu
-A Piezoelectric Micro-Cantilever Bio-Sensor Using the Mass-Micro-Balancing Technique with Self-Excitation
 Y. Lee, G. Lim and W. Moon
 Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR
-Electrical Detection of DNA Hybridization using Adjacent Impedance Probing (AIP) Method
 H. Zhou, K-S Ma, J. Zoval and M. Madou
 University of California, Irvine, US
-Controlling Colorimetric Reversibility of Nanostructured Polydiacetylenes
 J-S Lee, J.S. Lee, H.W. Park, C.H. Lee, D.J. Ahn and J-M Kim
 Hanyang University, KR
-A Novel Class of Sensors for System Integrative Concepts in Biotechnological Applications
 A. Schober, G. Kittler, C. Buchheim, A. Majdeddin, V. Cimalla, M. Fischer, V. Yanev, M. Himmerlich, S. Krischok, J.A. Schaefer, H. Romanus, T. Sändig, J. Burgold, F. Weise, H. Wurmus, K.H. Drüe, M. Hintz, H. Thust, M. Gebinoga, M. Kittler, A. Spitznas, E. Gottwald, K-F. Weibezahn, D. Wegener, A. Schwienhorst and O. Ambacher
 Technical University of Ilmenau, DE
-Use of Magnetoresistive Biochips for Monitoring of Pathogenesis Microorganisms in Water through Bioprobes: Oligonucleotides and Antibodies
 V.C.B. Martins, L.P. Fonseca, H.A. Ferreira, D.L. Graham, P.P. Freitas and J.M.S. Cabral
 Instituto Superior Técnico, PT
-Whole Cell Biosensors For (Eco)Toxicity Screening: Alternatives For The Future
 J. Robbens, M. Maras, W. Laureyn and W. De Coen
 University Antwerp, BE
-Piezoelectric Microcantilevers of Nanoscale Thickness for Detection of Cells
 N. Modi and F. Lacy
 Southern University and A&M College, US
-A Fiber-Optic Biosensor Based on Monooxygenases and Sol–Gel Entrapped Fluoresceinamine for Trichloroethene and Tetrachloroethene
 D. Ryoo, Y. Kim, K. Jeun, T. Wood and Y. Choi
 Jeonju Univ., KR
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