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Nanotech 2005 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2005 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 1

Chapter 7:

DNA, Protein, Cells and Tissue Arrays

-Fast DNA Hybridization on a Multi-Sample Multi-probe Microfluidic Microarray Compact Disc
 X.Y. Peng, P.C.H. Li, H-Z Yu, A.M. Parameswaran, S. Beardmore, W.L. Chou
 Simon Fraser University, CA
-The Large Scale Fabrication of Protein Nanoarrays Based on Nanosphere Lithography
 Y. Cai and B.M. Ocko
 Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
-Biomolecular Patterning via Photocatalytic Lithography
 J.P. Bearinger, A.L. Hiddessen, K.J.J. Wu, A.T. Christian, L.C. Dugan, G. Stone, J. Camarero, A.K. Hinz and J.A. Hubbell
 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
-Enhancement of DNA Microarray Hybridization using Shear-Driven Microfluidics
 J. Vanderhoeven, K. Pappaert, B. Dutta, P. Vanhummelen, G.V. Baron and G. Desmet
 Free University of Brussels, BE
-Ultramicro Protein Arrays for Cytokine Detection
 K. Radke, K. Ryckman, S. Nettikadan, M. Lynch, C. Mosher, J. Xu and E. Henderson
 BioForce Nanosciences Inc., US
-Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles on E-Beam Nano-Patterns Towards Protein Nanoarray
 T. Powell and J-Y Yoon
 University of Arizona, US
-Protein Array Fabricated by Micro-Contact Printing Method for Detection of Marker Protein to Genetically Modified Organisms
 W. Lee, S-H Paek and J-W Choi
 Sogang Univerisity, KR
-Binding Efficiency Improvement of Antibody to Antigen on Mixed Self-Assembly Monolayers
 C-L Wu, Y-W Lin, Y-L Hsu, F-G Tseng and C-C Chieng
 National Tsing Hua University, TW
-Imaging Ellipsometry: A Powerful Method for Biochip Development, QC and Evaluation
 M. Laging, D. Hoenig and A. Eing
 Accurion, US
-Boolean Networks (BN) Based Molecular Biology Modeling: Protein Process
 J.W. Yeol, I. Barjis, J. Barjis, S. Berri and Y. Ryu
 Polytechnic University, US
-Cationic Polythiophene for Label-Free, Colorimetric and Fluorometric Detection of DNA
 H.-A. Ho and M. Leclerc
 Universit√© Laval, CA
-New Ferrocene-Functionalized Cationic Polythiophene For Label-Free Electrochemical DNA Detection
 F. Le Floch, H-A Ho, P. Harding-Lepage, M. Leclerc
 Universit√© Laval, CA
-Apoptosis of the Human Neutrophils under a Lipopolisaccharide (LPS) of Proteus Mirabilis Condition Observed in Real Time by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).
 S.N. Pleskova, Yu. Guschina and M.B. Zvonkova
 Medical State Academy Nizhniy Novgorod, RU
-A Demonstration of High-throughput Immunoassay and Small Molecule Binding on Protein Microarrays with SPR Microscopy
 G. Kim, L. Jiang, P.K. Rathod, C.T. Campbell, A. Nishimoto and V. Casasanta
 University of Washington, US
-Design and Applications of a Novel Type of Hairpin Probes: Addressable Bipartite Molecular Hook (ABMH).
 J.B.P. Landr√©, A. Ruryk, T. Schlicksbier, S. Russwurm and H.-P. Deigner
 University of East Anglia, UK
-Surface Modification Chemistries and their Utilization in Microarrays, Diagnostics and Drug Delivery.
 M.A. Lodhi, G.W. Opperman, J.V. Wall and A.B. Anderson
 SurModics, Inc., US
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