Nano Science and Technology Institute
Nanotech 2004 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2004 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2004 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 1

Chapter 6:

Bio Micro Sensors and Systems

-Modeling of the Dielectrophoretic Forces Acting upon Biological Cells: A Numerical Comparison between Finite Element/Boundary Element Maxwell Stress Tensor Methods and Dipole Point Approach
 A. Benselama, P. Pham, É. Canot
-An Approach for Fabrication of Polymer-based Bio-analytical Microfluidic Devices
 M. Wang, K-Y Weng, C-C Huang, W-P Liu and L-Y Yao
 Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW
-A Generic Sensor for Ultra Low Analyte Concentration Detection
 J. Hedley, C.J. McNeil, J.S. Burdess, A.J. Harris, M.G. Dobson, G. Suarez and H. Berney
 Newcastle University, UK
-Characterization of Micropumps for Biomedical Applications
 Y. Haik, J. Hendrix, M. Kilani, P. Galambus and C-J Chen
 Florida State University, US
-Modeling of Dielectrophoresis for Handling Bioparticles in Microdevices
 G.F. Yao
 Flow Science Inc., US
-Quadruptlets-Microneedle Array for Blood Extraction
 S. Khumpuang, G. Kawaguchi and S. Sugiyama
 Ritsumeikan University, JP
-A Disposable Glucose Biosensor Based on Diffusional Mediator Dispersed in Nanoparticulate Membrane on Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode
 Z. Gao, F. Xie, M. Shariff, M. Arshad and J.Y. Ying
 Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, SG
-A Microfluidic System with Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensor
 S. Joo, S. Park, H. Lim, T.D. Chung and H-C Kim
 Seoul National University, KR
-Glucometers to Detect for Heart Attack
 Y. Haik, A. Qablan, A. Zwolinski, C-J Chen
 Florida State University, US
-Optical Detection of Integrin AvB3 Using a Nanostructured Lipid Bilayer Membrane Biosensor
 O. Worsfold and T. Nishiya
 Fujirebio Inc., JP
-Micro-Patterning of Ionic Reservoirs within a Double Bilayer Lipid Membrane to Fabricate a 2D Array of Ion-Channel Switch Based Electrochemical Biosensors
 J.M. Sansiñena, C.K. Yee, A. Sapuri, B.I. Swanson, A. Redondo and A.N. Parikh
 Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
-Potentiometric Biosensors Based on Silicon and Porous Silicon
 I. Basu, R.V. Subramanian, A. Mathew, A. Chadha and E. Bhattacharya
 Indian Institute of Technology Madras, IN
-Bio-Impedance Sensing Device (BISD) for Detection of Human CD4+ Cells
 N.N. Mishra, S. Retterrer, T.J. Zieziulewicz, M. Isaacson, D. Szarowski, D.E. Mousseau, D.A. Lawrence and J.N. Turner
 New York City Department of Health, US
-Behavior of Living Human Neural Networks on Microelectrode Array Support
 R. Pizzi, F. Gelain, A. Fantasia, D. Rossetti and A. Vescovi
 University of Milan, IT
-Glucose Sensors Based on Glucose Oxidase Immobilized in Polypyrrole-Polyacrylamide Microparticles
 E. López-Cabarcos, J. Rubio-Retama, D. Mecerreyes and B. López-Ruiz
 University Complutense, ES
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