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Nanotech 2003 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2003 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2003 Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3

Chapter 9:

Biomimetic Membranes

-Mimicking Immune Processes by Positioning Antibodies on Surfaces --- A Nanoengineering Approach
 G-y. Liu, N. Amro, V. Komanicky and M. Liu
 University of California, Davis, US
-MembraneChipTM : Arrays of Natively Displayed Membrane Targets for Novel Drug Discovery
 V. Yamazaki, L.T. Nguyen, R.J. Schafer, N. Ulman, J.T. Groves
 Proteomic Systems, Inc., US
-A Glucose Biosensor using Au Nanoparticle Modified Glucose Oxidase
 X. Meng, X. Ren and F. Tang
 Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
-Structure-Function Relations in Self-Assembled Sphingolipids at Gas-Water Interfaces
 D. Vaknin
 Ames Lab, and Iowa State University, US
-Biomimetic Surface Composite Effects Achieved by Interfering Laser Beams
 K.W. Liu, C. Daniel, Z.F. Liu and F. M├╝cklich
 Saarland University, DE
-Fabrication of Nanopipes using Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofiber Templates and their Properties
 A.V. Melechko, T.E. McKnight, M.A. Guillorn, B. Ilic, V.I. Merkulov, M.J. Doktycz, B. Warmac, D. McCorkle, D.H. Lowndes and M.L. Simpson
 University of Tennessee, Knoxville, US
-Nanofiber Structures as Mimics for Cellular Membranes
 M.J. Doktycz, L. Zhang, A.V. Melechko, K. Klein, T.E. McKnight, P.F. Britt, M.A. Guillorn, V.I. Merkulov, D.H. Lowndes and M.L. Simpson
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
-Electrostatic Force Microscopy Study of Open-Circuit Photovoltage from a bR/ITO Heterostructure
 S. Crittenden, J. Hillebrecht, S. Howell, R.R. Birge and R. Reifenberger
 Purdue University, US
-Dynamical Properties of Supported Membrane Junctions
 Y. Kaizuka and J.T. Groves
 University of California, Berkeley, US
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