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MSM 99
MSM 99
Technical Proceedings of the 1999 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Chapter 10:

Implant and Diffusion Modeling

-Linking of Atomistic Modeling to Macroscopic Behavior for Front End Processes
 S.T. Dunham
 Boston University, US
-Modeling and Simulation of Non-Linear Damage Growth During Ion Implants in Silicon
 M-S. Son, H-J. Hwang
 Chung-Ang University, KR
-Accurate Three-Dimensional Simulation of Damage Caused by Ion Implantation
 A. Hössinger and S. Selberherr
 TU Vienna, AT
-Ab-Initio TCAD Models of Dopant Diffusion in Silicon
 J.S. Nelson, A.F. Wright and P.A. Schultz
 Sandia National Laboratory, US
-Ab-Initio Pseudopotential Calculations of Boron Diffusion in Silicon
 W. Windl, R. Stumpf, M. Masquelier, M. Bunea and S.T. Dunham
 Motorola, US
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