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MSM 98
MSM 98
Technical Proceedings of the 1998 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Chapter 3:


-A Universal Low-Field Electron Mobility Model for Semiconductor Device Simulation
 G. Kaiblinger-Grujin and S. Selberherr
 Vienna Technical University, AT
-PSDesigner: A Framework for Transistor Co-Optimization
 R. Burch, S. Saxena, P.K. Mozumder, K. Vasanth, J. Davis and S. Rao
 Texas Instruments, Inc., US
-Residual Stresses/Strains Analysis of MEMS
 T-R. Hsu and N. Sun
 San Jose State University, US
-A Global Finite Element Model for Improving the Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of IBGTs Modules
 Y. Tronel and W. Fichtner
 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Z├╝rich, CH
-Modeling of Strain in Boron-Doped Silicon Cantilevers
 H.A. Rueda and M.E. Law
 University of Florida, US
-Adaptive Hierarchical Finite Element Modeling of Dopant Diffusion
 A. Bose and C.S. Rafferty
 Bell Laboratories, US
-3-D Electrothermal Model of Multifinger, High-Power HBTs
 F. Dhondt, J. Barrette, P.A. Rolland and S. Delage
-Fault Model Generation for MEMS
 A. Kolpekwar, C Kellen and R.D. Blanton
 Carnegie Mellon University, US
-A Floating Random-Walk Method for Efficient RC Extraction of Complex IC-Interconnect Structures
 R.B. Iverson and Y.L. LeCoz
 Random Logic Corporation, US
-Yield Prediction Under Non-Standard Data Distributions
 S. Rao, S. Saxena, P. Apte, P.K. Mozumder, J. Davis, R. Burch and K. Vasanth
 Texas Instruments, Inc., US
-Drain and Gate Voltage Influences on MAGFET Offset and Sensitivity: Modeling and Experiment
 A.M. Ionescu, N. Mathieu and A. Chovet
-Reliability Issues in Microelectromechanical Systems
 X.J.R. Avula
 University of Missouri-Rolla, US
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