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Nanotech 2001 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2001 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2001 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Chapter 3:

Compact Modeling and Model Order Reduction

-New Numerical Techniques and Tools in SUGAR for 3D MEMS Simulation
 Z. Bai, D. Bindel, J. Clark, J. Demmel, K. Pister and N. Zhou
 University of California Davis, US
-Using Scalar Algebraic Multigrid Solvers for Efficient 3-D Stress Analysis of Microfabricated Structures
 S. Mijalkovic
 Delft University of Technology, LN
-Using Pseudo Transient Continuation and the Finite Element Method to Solve the Nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann Equation
 A.I. Shestakov, J.L. Milovich and A. Noy
 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
-Experimental Determination of Electrical, Metallurgical, and Physical Gate Lengths of Submicron MOSFET’s
 X. Zhou and K.Y. Lim
 Nanyang Technological University, SG
-Compact Modeling of Avalanche Breakdown in pn-Junctions for Computer-Aided ESD Design (CAD for ESD)
 Y. Subramanian and R.B. Darling
 University of Washington, US
-Compact Modeling and Circuit Impact of a Novel Frequency Dependence of Capacitance in RF MOSFETs
 C. Sudhama, K. Joardar, J. Whitfield and A. Zlotnicka
 Motorola SPS, US
-A New Compact Model of Floating Gate Non-Volatile Memory Cells
 L. Larcher, P. Pavan, F. Gattel, L. Albani and A. Marmiroli
 Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, IT
-Antiphase Design for Balanced Oscillators
 X. Liu, Z. Sheng, C.L. Law, C. Qian and Z. Sun
 Nanyang Technological University, SG
-Full Wave Electromagnetic Analysis and Model Order Reduction for Complex Three Dimensional Structures
 I. Balk and Y. He
 IntelliSense Corporation, US
-Table-Based Numerical Macromodeling for MEMS Devices
 J. Wu and L.R. Carley
 Carnegie Mellon University, US
-Scalable Macromodels for Microelectromechanical Systems
 V. Srinivasan, A. Jog and R.B. Fair
 Duke University, US
-Compact Model for the Squeezed-Film Damping Including the Open Border Effects
 T. Veijola, K. Ruokonen and I. Tittonen
 Helsinki University of Technology, FI
-A Design Approach for Robustness Improvement of Rate Gyroscopes
 C. Acar and A. Shkel
 University of California Irvine, US
-Boundary Independent Exact Thermal Model for Electronic Systems
 Y.C. Gerstenmaier, H. Pape and G. Wachutka
 Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, DE
-Macromodeling Temperature-Dependent Curl in CMOS Micromachined Beams
 S. Iyer, H. Lakdawala, G.K. Fedder and T. Mukherjee
 Carnegie Mellon University, US
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