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MSM 2000
MSM 2000
Technical Proceedings of the 2000 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Chapter 9:

Signal Integrity Simulation and Verification

-Inductance Calculation in Interconnect Structures
 C. Harlander, R. Sabelka and S. Selberherr
 Technical University of Vienna, AT
-Influence of Element Size on the Precision and Required Computational Effort for 3D FEM Interconnect Capacitance Simulations of ULSI DRAM Cells
 A. Hieke
 Infineon Technologies Corporation, US
-Hybrid P-Element and Trefftz Method for Capacitance Computation
 M. Gyimesi, J-S. Wang and D.F. Ostergaard
 ANSYS, Inc., US
-Wavelet Based Matrix Compression in Numerical Micromagnetics
 T. Schrefl, D. Süss and J. Fidler
 Vienna University of Technology, AT
-Transient Simulation of Ferroelectric Hysteresis
 K. Dragosits, R. Hagenbeck and S. Selberherr
 Technical University of Vienna, AT
-A Methodology for Modeling a Complex Geometry on Wafer from a Layout Data
 S. Yoon, O. Kwon and T. Won
 Inha University, KR
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