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MSM 2000
MSM 2000
Technical Proceedings of the 2000 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Chapter 8:

Semiconductor Device Modeling

-Tunneling-Assisted Currents in n+p+ Amorphous Silicon Junctions
 J. Furlan and Z. Gorup
 University of Ljubljana, SI
-Optimization of FIBMOSs through 2-D Device Simulations
 J. Kang, D.K. Schroder and D.P. Pivin
 Arizona State University, US
-Modelling of the "Gated-Diode" Configuration in Bulk MOSFET's
 A. Yip, Y.T. Yeow, G.S. Samudra and C.H. Ling
 TECH Semiconductor, SG
-Investigation of High Frequency Noise in a SiGe HBT Based on Shockley's Impedance Field Method and the Hydrodynamic Model
 S. Decker, B. Neinhus, B. Heinemann, C. Jungemann and B. Meinerzhagen
 University of Bremen, DE
-Two-Dimensional MOSFET Dopant Profile by Inverse Modeling via Source/Drain-to-Substrate Capacitance Measurement
 C.Y.T. Chiang, Y.T. Yeow and R. Ghodsi
 University of Queensland, AU
-Study of Voltage Tunable Asymmetric Quantum Well Structure for Infrared Detection
 P.R. Vaya, S. Ananda Natarajan and K.R. Srinivasan
 Indian Institute of Technology, IN
-Modelling Multilayer Semiconductor Structures
 K. Brecl and J. Furlan
 University of Ljubljana, SI
-Study of Well Barrier Hole Burning in Quantum Well Bistable Lasers
 M. Ganesh Madhan, P.R. Vaya and N. Gunasekaran
 Anna University, IN
-Equation of p-n Junction for High Current Density Models of Transistor
 A. Baskys
 Semiconductor Physics Institute, LT
-The 2.4F2 Memory Cell Technology with Stacked-Surrounding Gate Transistor (S-SGT) DRAM
 M. Suzuki, T. Endoh, H. Sakuraba and F. Masuoka
 Tohoku University, JP
-Inverse Modeling for C-V Profiling of Modulated-Doped Semiconductor Structures
 M.F. Kokorev, N.A. Maleev and D.V. Pakhnin
 State Electrotechnical University, RU
-A Velocity-Overshoot Subthreshold Current Model for Deep-Submicrometer MOSFET Devices
 W. Qian, X. Zhou, Y. Wang and K.Y. Lim
 Nanyang Technological University, SG
-Monte-Carlo Simulation of GaAs Devices Using High Generality Object-Oriented Code and Encapsulated Scattering Tables
 J. Harris and D. Vasileska
 Arizona State University, US
-A Mathematical Model for the Threshold Voltage of a Partially and Fully Depleted MOS/SOI Structure with a Gaussian Distribution in the Film
 C. Ravariu, A. Rusu, D. Dobrescu, L. Dobrescu, F. Ravariu, C. Codreanu and M. Avram
 University of Bucharest, RO
-Modelling of Atmosphere Sensitive Heterojunctions for Device Applications
 G. Mangamma and T. Gnanasekaran
 Indira Gandhi Centre For Atomic Research, IN
-Squeezed Electrons in GaN Quantum Wells
 B.K. Ridley, N.A. Zakhleniuk and C.R. Bennett
 University of Essex, UK
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