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Nanotech 2002 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2002 Vol. 2
Technical Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Chapter 9:

Quantum Effects, Quantum Devices and Spintronics

-Simulation of Wigner Function Transport in Tunneling and Quantum Structures
 C. Jacoboni, A. Bertoni, P. Bordone and N. Giacobbi
 University of Modena, IT
-The Use of a Green's Function Formalism for the Simulation of Semiconductor Device Performance
 D. Jovanovic
 Motorola, US
-Self-consistent Modeling of Open Quantum Devices
 R. Akis, L. Shifren and D.K. Ferry
 Arizona State University, US
-The Landauer Approach to the Critical Source-Channel Barrier in MOSFETs
 M. Lundstrom and J.H. Rhew
 Purdue University, US
-The Use of Quantum Potentials for Confinement in Semiconductor Devices
 A. Asenov, A.R. Brown and J.R. Watling
 Glasgow University, UK
-Predictive Process Simulation and Ab-initio Calculation of the Physical Volume of Electrons in Silicon
 W. Windl and M.S. Daw
 Ohio State University, US
-Electronic Structure of Quantum Dots
 C. Hines, S.A. McCarthy, J.B. Wang and P.C. Abbott
 The University of Western Australia, AU
-Modeling and Simulation of Single-Electron Multi Tunnel Junction Memory
 C. Le Royer, G. Le Carval, M. Sanquer and D. Fraboulet
-Modelling Coupled Motion of Electrons in Quantum Dots with Wetting Layers
 R.V.N. Melnik and M. Willatzen
 University of Southern Denmark, DK
-Principles of Electron Wave Computing using Quantum Resistor Networks
 C.H. Wu
 University of Missouri-Rolla, US
-Electron Vorticity - Internal Energy Formulation of the Hydrodynamic Model of Electron Transport
 K. Mohseni and A. Shakouri
 University of Colorado, US
-Quantum Effects in SOI Devices
 S.S. Ahmed, R. Akis and D. Vasileska
 Arizona State University, US
-Residual Stress Modeling in Quantum Dots
 B. Vlahovic, K. Wang, V. Suslov, S.L. Yakovlev, C. Otieno, A. Soldi and J. Dutta
 North Carolina Central University, US
-Computing Excitons in V-shaped Quantum Wires Including Band-Structure and Dielectric Effects : Binding energies and polarization anisotropy of the bright A1, B1, A2 excitons
 M.A. Dupertuis, D.Y. Oberli and E. Kapon
 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-EPFL, CH
-Gain in a Semiconductor Waveguide Qubit
 J. Harris, R. Akis and D.K. Ferry
 Arizona State University, US
-Binding Energy of an Exciton Bound to a Charged Impurity in Quantum Dots
 W. Xie
 Guangzhou University, CN
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