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Fujitsu Commences Development of Home Energy Management System

By: Jennifer Rocha

New system will centralize and automatically control multiple home appliances and equipment, thus providing excellent energy efficiency and savings.

Story content courtesy of Fujitsu Research Institute, JP

Fujitsu Research Institute was commissioned by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment for the pilot project of demand-side carbon reduction support systems that match household lifestyles.

Fujitsu’s consumer-oriented cloud service will be used to centralize and automatically control multiple home appliances and equipment. Sensors installed in the homes of study participants acquire electricity usage statistics and behavioral patterns of residents as the basis for energy-saving controls customized for each home.

The expertise accumulated through this project will gradually be incorporated into features of Fujitsu’s My Cloud that can be used to build HEMS environments. Fujitsu will also look for ways that this expertise can be applied to the company’s Smart City business.

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